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Her Name is Katie


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Katie doesn't have a permanent address because the world is her home. She travels for work and she doesn't want to settle in just one place.  She also has no intention of falling in love because it will only prevent her to do the things that she wants. Besides, she doesn't want to be left alone in the end, like what her parents did. But it seems like that notion was about to change when she literally bumped into Colin. It was the first time in a long time that she went home but why did the universe allow her to be with someone so annoying and so full of himself? If she doesn't need something from Colin, she could've turned him down when he asked her to be his girlfriend, but she does. She needs him big time. Katie is confident that she can pretend to be his girlfriend so well. What she can't do is to stop herself from falling when she started to know him a little bit more. It turned out that Colin wasn't so bad at all and the more she's with him, the more she realized how beautiful he is as a person. How can someone be so completely different from what he lets other people see? Katie finally fell for him because of how he cared for her truly- the thing she looks for a guy the most. But when she realized how much she loved Colin, Katie finally received the news she had long been waiting for. How can she leave the country if the only place she wants to be is beside him? ------- *** I edited the cover but I don't own the photo. Credits to the owner of the photo.