novel - Eastern Fantasy


Eman Qureshi

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Looking for something? Well that right in front of your eyes.... But why don't see it? Look a little harder and there it is. RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES . . . Sequel to *His Human Mate* *Her lost Wolf* Sometimes what you are looking for so hardly is right in front of your eyes. You just don't see it! That is exactly the case with Gigi! A hybrid of werewolf and unknown Being the most powerful being in the magical world with powers beyond anyone's imagination seems like a dream come true but for Gigi its a nightmare inside of a nightmare as her extraordinary powers of manipulating weather, bringing natural disasters and controlling minds is getting out of her hands. As the supreme trying her best to not loose control and maintain the peace of entire magical world is surely too much food in one plate. Zayn helps Gigi as much as he can, not only because he is one of the two guardians but also because Gigi is his mate. They both along with the second guardian Four( yes Four is name like the number) who is Gigi's Cousin tries their best to maintain peace but everything falls when a huge threat comes. In order to fight the threat Gigi needs full control over her powers so she sets on a journey to find her wolf whom she thinks was stolen from her at a young age. But the question is can she find her wolf before the threat gets bigger? . . This books is totally my imagination!