1 Introduction


This novel is Sequel to *His Human Mate*. it can be read solo but i recommend reading *His Human Mate* first so that you can understand this novel even more.




"Few terms i use and their meaning"

Supreme: The chosen one who would bring peace upon all the magical kingdom.

Guardian: The people who guard Supreme

Unknown: they are people with powers of different things for example power of controlling ice for fire. there are different levels of their powers. ( i would explain it in further chapters)

Other terms would be explained in the future




Gigi Malik: The supreme. she is Zayn's mate. She is half unknown half werewolf. her powers are manipulating weather and bringing natural disaster with her mood and health. She can also controls minds.

Zayn Mailk: he is a guardian and Gigi's mate. he is a pure werewolf. he rules all of the magical kingdom along with Gigi.

his power is he can hear anyone's mind links

Four Hadid: he is another guardian. He is pure werewolf and the king of werewolves too.

Petris Hadid: she is Fours mate and Zayn' s half sister.

She is also half werewolf half human. She is the Queen of werewolves and she can make people forget a recent memory.

Lalisa Manabon: She is an unknown with power of controlling metals. she hasn't found her mate and is currently ruling over trolls kingdom alone.

obviously they aren't all the characters. they would be introduced with time.




Now a little preview.

Gigi is the supreme who had fought a war against her mother Yolanda in order to safe the kingdom.

Her mother who was very hungry for power had stolen her wolf at a young age and drew power from it.

Not having a wolf made Gigi often loose control over her powers but luckily Zayn would always help her with it.

before Yolanda died she confessed that she don't know where Gigi wolf.

Gigi tried hard to find her wolf for last decade but failed miserably .

One day a huge threat comes to the magical world due to which Zayn is forced to revel a truth he has been hiding for a long time which not only broke Gigi's trust in him but now she doesn't tell him that he is about to be a father and goes on a very dangerous journey to find her lost wolf.




this is just a chunk of what is about to happen in *Her Lost Wolf*

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