Her Brooding Quarterback Book

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Her Brooding Quarterback


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"Your going to live with your father in new York" She stated leaving me bewildered "Wait!!! What???" ________________________________________ Anika Esme Parker was a goody too shoes, good grades, loads of friends but that was before her parents got a divorce. It's been two years her and her mother now lives in Florida and her father went to New York. After one month of the split her father stopped calling to talk to her and stopped visit and that triggered a rebellious side of her. She was no longer daddies little girl, hell no, she was now the badass prankster. After getting kicked out of her third school in two years her mother decided she needed a father figure in her life and sent her to live with her father in new York. Meet Zander Chase Powers, RSV's, hearttrob, brooding quarterback, baseball team captain and man slut. He has his loyal friends and has always had girls chasing for him. He doesn't believe in love because he saw his mother cheated in his father yet still says she loves him. He lives with his father in their mansion. Zander powers doesn't want a relationship, well I guess that was before he saw Anika. Will he change his ways for her? Will she change her ways for him? Maybe they'll both change for each other but you'll have to read my book to find out. Because this relationship will go through some in tense drama.


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