1 Chapter 1

Anika pov

I'm currently sitting in my principal's office because of a little prank I pull on my math teacher, Ms. bailey. It wasn't even a big deal I only glued her to her chair.

"Ms. Parker" My principal voice snaped me back to reality. "Were you even listening to me?" She asked with a pointed look.

"No" I said simply because what's the point in lying, she's boring me and she knows it.

"Ms. Parker what you did was very unnecessary and rude.why would you even want to glue someone to a chair? These pranks of yours have to stop." She makes it look like I give a fuck.

"Tbh it was funny the entire class laughed" I said chuckling to myself.

"I told you the next prank you decided to pull would get you kicked out of my school but you never listen to anything. You have until lunch time to clean out your locker and leave this school. "

After she said that I looked down at my watch and saw that i have 30 minutes.

"I will be calling your parents to inform them about your situation" She said smugly picking up the phone. So I got up walking to the door to leave.

But before leaving I said, "Hey Ms. Matters"

"Yes" She answered looking up from the book that has all the parents numbers in.

"Fuck you" I said flipping her off walking out her office.

I have been in three different high schools in two years, so I have no problem leaving this school, it's snobby and boring anyways, plus I don't have any friends because the females here are all snobs and the boys are man whores.

My mom's so gonna kill me.

After my parents got a divorce two years ago my dad moved to new York and my mom and I came to Florida. For the two years I've been rebellious and rude. I'm not the same daddies girl anymore. I guess it's because he cheated on my mom and also because he's stopped calling to talk to me.

Beening so deep in thoughts cleaning my locker I didn't even noticed that the bell rung for lunch. Shaking my head laughing I turned for the double doors zipping my book bag up. I got in my car and started to drive off, but not before shouting a "fuck you" out of my widow.


𝐅𝐞𝐰 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞?

As I turned into my street I stared getting nerve because even though I'm rebellious my mom scares me. When she angry it's momzilla angry, that woman can make IT scared. I'm not ready for this shit. I wanted to turn back around but I decided against it.

As I pulled into the driveway I wanted to puke put I kept it in. I mumbled a small prayer before get my bag and got out the car.

"Mom! " I shouted looking around while opening the door.

"In the kitchen, I need to talk to you" I heard her shout with no anger at all but a little sadness?

Walking to the kitchen I took my time because I was scared. Up on arriving I saw my mom at the kitchen counter eating an apple.

"Your going to live with your father in new York" She said leaving me bewildered.

"Wait!! What?? " I shouted still shocked. "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?? I HAVEN'T TALKED OR SEEN THAT MAN IN TWO YEARS. MOM HE CHEATED ON YOU" I continued with tears running down my face.

"Shut the fuck up Anika" She hollered back with tears in her eyes. " You think this is easy? Sending you to your dad.. It's not.. It pains me to do this but no school in Florida wants you, and I can't move because I just got a really nice job." She stated sitting at the dinner table. I walked over to her and pulled her in a hug. Although my father and I were very close I still had a special bond with my mom because I'm her only child.

"It's ok mom I understand, you don't have to cry" I said sobbing. She lifted her head from my shoulder and gave me a peck on my forehead.

"I love you and I just want what's best for you. I know that things between you and your father aren't going to be the same but are you willing to give it a try for me?" She asked softly smiling.

"Yes of course mom, I'll do anything for you to be happy" I said smiling with tears

"Don't cry baby, I'll always be one phone call away." She whispered in my ear. "I love you and I trust that you'll make me very proud"

"I love you too mom" I said sadly. "When am I leaving? "

"In two days time, I asked my boss to give me a day off tomorrow because I wanted to help you pack and spend the day with you" She said smiling.

My mom started working at a five star restaurant recently and it's paying good but I think my mother likes her boss, whenever I ask her how her day was she would say it was good blushing then say her boss did something.

"Aww mom thanks" I kissed her cheek

"Aight with the sobby stuff, go change so you can help me in the kitchen" She said getting up from the tablet going to the kitchen. "Ok mom"

After eating dinner we went up to my room watched multiple movies, bought pizza, eat sweets and relaxed.

Falling asleep I thought about how life with my father would be and how my mother will be without me. I'm still not happy about moving but I'll do anything for my mother and that's a fact. I just hope everything works out good and I hope he knows that I'm going to give him fucking hell. I smiled at that thought and finally welcomed the sleep preparing for the next few days.

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