240 Not anymore

A little unease gnawed at Elle's inside as she looked at him. At her husband who was half-sitting there on top of his desk with his back facing her. The window was open and the rain had started falling. 

Contrary to what she had been thinking in the car, Sebastian did not look disheveled. At least in what she was seeing at the moment. He was impeccably dressed as always and his hair was combed nicely. The sight of him looking seemingly better than she had been expecting should have made her feel relieved. But no matter how she wanted to feel that, something else was unspooling so powerfully in her stomach. 

Sebastian did not turn to look at her. He did not stride towards her to hold her. Nor did he say or do anything to acknowledge her. 

Instead, he blew out a puff of smoke, seemingly nonchalantly. The smell of his cigarette filled the room. It had been long since she last saw him smoke. 


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