232 Nightmare [Part III]

Sebastian had tried to ignore the wolf. He was determined to never let her get involved with him again. All for her sake.

For a long while, he never even batted an eye in her direction. Until the monster had one day arrived burning with rage and lashed out at his sisters. When Sebastian tried to fight back and stand up for them, unable to watch his siblings suffer anymore abuse from this unreasonable monster, she had mercilessly killed one of them. Sebastian had begged and cried once again but this time, the monster did not bother to listen and… killed her right before him. 

The monster then blamed him for the death of his older sister and then used his youngest sister as another blackmail tool to hold him down. Though burning with anger and overflowing with resentment for the unjust murder of his older sister, Sebastian could do nothing else but gnash his teeth and swallow the curses, the pain and everything else and let them burn within him.


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