244 Madly

"It's approved." Sebastian told her callously before slipping the phone back into his pocket. "Lucas will be dealing with the rest of the procedures with you. For now…" he paused and sucked in a deep shaky breath. "I need you to… leave. I don't… want to ever see you again." These words he forced himself to say shredded his heart into a million pieces. After today, once she was gone for good, he knew he would be good as dead all over again. Just like how he was before she appeared in his life. Or maybe he would be far worse this time. But it is alright. He was willing to die if that was what it takes to keep her safe. 

Not giving her any more chances to react or to process the painful lies that he had cruelly thrown at her, he called out for Lucas and then told her, "Your luggage has been packed and all ready to go. The royal family's private plane is already waiting to transport you back to your country." 


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