235 Because of her

Elle was shocked to find that she had been unconscious for days. 

Five days to be exact. 

She had woken up in Alicia's house located in the heart of Black Forest and found out that she had been brought there by Sebastian and Alexander there that very same night they were rescued. 

Elle vaguely remembered anything after she broke free from that spell that had controlled her. Except for those… those heartbreaking moments. She remembered hearing Alexander's voice while she was still coughing on the ground and fighting for her consciousness. 

She also realized Sebastian had not come to her before she had passed out. 

The last thing she remembered was the slightly blurry sight of him looking so… so wretched… so broken. He was just looking at her and she had been stretching her hand towards him, wanting to touch him and hold him and tell him that everything was alright now. But he had not moved. He simply looked at her. He did not take her hand. 


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