18 years ago, when Wang lei was just 5 years old and his sister was just a newborn, a huge S rank dimension was created in the park near Lei's house. He often used to go there with his family. The date was 18 May, 1981. That day, the S rank dimension was not strong enough to oppress the inner demons. Before the slayer arrived, the dimension exploded. Many people were killed, many were injured. During that time, Lei was at home taking care of his sister while his parents were near the dimension since they went out to buy some groceries from the store near the park. From the dimension a strange energy was saturated and it was absorbed by Lei. After that, he forgot all his past memories and was taken care of in an orphanage with his sister.

Such an incident also happened 24 years ago before the events of 18th May, when the first dimension portal was opened. It happened in Germany. There was a 3 year old kid named Jonas Schneider who was playing with his friends in the park of his orphanage. Suddenly, when the dimensional portal opened, it killed all of his friends and even destroyed the orphanage. He somehow managed to survive because he was the person furthest from the portal. The demons appeared but they were merely D ranked demons and were killed by the military. Some sort of dark energy attracted the boy towards the dimension and when he entered, he found a huge number of portals inside the portal which was opened just now. When he turned back, the origin portal was closing. He tried to reach the origin portal but was absorbed an unknown dimension.

When he fell on the ground, he saw a beautiful land which looked like a fantasy picture. Inside there he was found by two demons. They were the peaceful type demons who opposed the war. The first one looked old while the second one looked young. The young demon asked the old demon,

"Master! what should we do with this creature? He doesn't seems like he is a demon or something but he also doesn't look like he is a God child. Could it be that he is a human?"

"No, it isn't possible because his soul is giving some sort of dark energy which might be stronger than our demonic energy." The old demon said.

A little demoness appeared behind the young demon's back and looked at the boy.

"Oh my! I think we should treat him grandpa. He is hurt and he also doesn't look like a bad guy!" The girl shouted.

"Hmm... Well I, the great ogre, Ray-Zel-Mino declare that I will adopt this boy as a son and treat him with care!" The old demon said.

The young demon who was his son and the father of the little demoness, looked a little confused but when he looked at his daughter, he laughed it off.

After 20 years...

The maniac demons came to ask the peaceful demons' help and met the king of that demonic land, Ray-Zel-Mino. During that time, Ray made his granddaughter marry Jonas Schneider. He also had a baby with her who was half human and half demon. His name was Razel Jonas Schneider. As time passed by, Jonas was 23 years old and was also a father and a husband. He had silver hair like a ghost and deep, crimson and bloody eyes like a vampire. He was muscular and was around 6 feet 1 inch.

The maniac demons who came to ask for support didn't heard the opinions of the peaceful demons. They got angry whenever Ray, the old ogre expressed his opinion of not participating in the war. When the maniac demons lost their temper, they tried to attack the demon king of that territory, Ray-Zel-Mino. When Ray was young, he was considered one of the strongest demon kings of a territory. But now, he was old and didn't had neither strength nor any stamina left. During these 20 years, he was training his grandson in law. He taught him many secret techniques of the Zel Mino clan and also some dark arts suitable for his dark Qi.

When the maniac demons were reaching for the head of Ray with their spears, Jonas suddenly appeared there and broke the spears flowing with strong demonic energy using his bare hands. He also slashed the demons using his dark Qi swords and absorbed their blood into dark Qi.

"You have really surpassed me Jonas! I think now is the time to tell you about the war between the gods and us." After saying this, Ray told Jonas about everything that has happened, in hear and in the human world.

Some high level demons had the records of the human world using the magic crystal. It showed them the human world and it also had the ability to translate the human language into demon language. However, Jonas didn't needed that since he understood every kind of language in the universe perfectly.

Ray said,

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"There are many kinds of gods, but they are just inferior gods. The main kind of gods are, the heavenly gods, the hellish gods, the elemental gods and the God of creation, protection and destruction respectively. Each Gods have an artifact with them and they used it to kill their opponents."

Jonas seemed to understood everything. He thought of if any stronger demons would attack his family, then how would he protect them? He decided to train himself and become even Stronger.

1 Year Later...

Jonas was now 24 years old and his son was 5 years old. His son also started training with his father. Jonas became the strongest person of Zel Mino clan. He mastered his dark qi and he started teaching his son demonic techniques as well as dark arts.

The day was 18th May, when the S rank portal, which exploded and kill Lei's parents appeared. On 18th May, the gods attacked the peaceful demons, or the Zel Mino clan. Each God was above S rank slayer and Jonas had mostly the power of two A rank slayers, which was not enough to defeat the gods.

Jonas saw everyone being killed right in front of him. During the battle, the maniac demons also entered the Zel Mino land. They did not saw who they were killing. Along with battling and dying by the hand of semi gods, the also killed Ray-Zel-Mino. The gods, which came with the purpose of killing every demon, killed Razel's mother and Jonas' wife.

During the battle, on Earth, slayer organization tried to close the dimension but it exploded. The demon, gods, Jonas and Razel, went 3 different paths. The demons went to Earth and were killed by the S rank hunters. The gods went to holy lands since they had the ability to transfer dimension. Jonas and his son, Razel went to an uninhabited dimension.

The uninhabited dimension looked like the origin portal because it had many different types of dimensions scattered around the surface of that land. From that, Jonas and Razel discovered the technique to transfer dimensions.

Razel didn't understood much since he was just 5. Jonas decided from that day that he will walk the path of evil because violence can only be eradicated by more violence. He decided that he will kill each and every person who comes in his way and he will become the strongest divine entity known as GOD.

He looked down with his long and muscular face. His muscular body was covered in blood. His white and long hair turned red and his bloodily eyes were shining. He started training his son and fitting his ideals onto him.


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