1 1 What lies After....

In a land of magic,knight and dragon where people still lived on the hands of gods,deep into the forest,there was an empire of elves.But there was Coup d'état happening in the kingdom.The kingdom was in chaos and the royal castle was overthrown.

The princess of Elves,Selena was escaping from the castle with the Magister.The princess had silver white hair with undescribable beauty but she now looked nothing but a damsel in distress while the magister presented a slim young figure of that of an dark elf.The magister said,

"Don't worry my princess, I will get you out of here safely."

The two of them was running through the corridors.The princess while running at her breath saw all the maids and guards,she grew up with lying without a single shred of life in them.The grosteque

scenery of their impaled body or beheaded corpses,their insides slipping past their wounds but there was no one to tend over it.But still the princess had no time to mourn.She kept running keeping all

the pain in her chest.After reching the gate on the thirst of life,she saw what broke her apart,her parents decorated on the gate beheaded and hanged like that of a livestock.She bursted into tears,her legs giving out,she collapsed under the corpses of the deceased king and queen.

The magister stood silent behind the mourning princess.He noticed a large army with their banner is appraoching them from outside the castle.The princess put herself together and stood up proud and said,

"Reinforcements have come.We should turn back and punish the traitors for the death of King and Queen."

The magister stood there frozen and trembled.Ths princess understood he is troubled and looked to the army and said,

"Fret not my magister,my people have come to our rescue.Now we can show the traitors the grave sin.....

The princess stumbled her words,her voice wasn't coming out.She looked at herself and noticed a sword right through her chest.She looked behind only to find the magister holding the sword.The magister pulled out the sword and kept her on his lap and said to her,

...."I'm Sorry... . . . . . . . ."

That is what my story has....What do think,did the magister betray me?'

"Ya he did."a stern voice of a boy replied.

"Ohh. . ."

"But think,why magister betrayed you."

"What is meaning behind your words! I grew up with him as a friend! He was like my own family. . . .

I Loved Him!!"she started crying.

"Precisely!Ok let me ask you then princess,the army that was coming to you,was that realy yours?"

"Ofcourse it was!They had our banner,there were even many elves among them i knew!!"

"Let me ask you this,was those elves..wait lets rephrase that....Was there any ELVES in that army?"

"Ofcourse there wer. . . ."

"The picture is more or less like this,THE DARK ELVES BETRAYED YOU.As you tried to escape

miss princess,they surrounded you."

"But why would HE betray me!!"she started crying again.

"OH GOD!! HE loved you that's why he killed you."

". . . ."she looked totally confused.

"HE killed you because if the army caught you,they would have humiliated you,raped you..blablablablabla then they would have publicly executed you to make a show."

"...oh. . ."she looked like she got it.Now she started crying.Maybe for her father,her mother,

well maybe for the magister,her love.

"Well as your new here,let me welcome you."

The boy stood up while attracting the attention.

"Glad to make your acquaintance,Marquine Linnen Selena! I'm Noel Raven,a hunter..as you already know. . . . .

WELCOME to afterlife...well more like....HELL!!!"

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