313 Chapter 313

"She—" Henry swallowed his saliva hard. His train of thoughts ran crazily as he kept thinking about the possibility of him lying or saying the truth.

He could lie and say it was all good, and Sarah moved on easily.

Or he could tell the truth and say that bitch was crazy and would probably hurt Kate and Dahlia. Sarah was an important but unpredictable factor in their fate right now.

Whether they could stay in their shell forever or not depended on that woman, if Sarah told Marlon and everyone about the annulment… Henry had to prepare for the worst. 

"Henry, answer me," Kate demanded. 

'I should lie, I need to lie…' Henry told himself. But then, he realized that Kate's safety was at stake. If she didn't know how dangerous Sarah was, she might have gotten too vulnerable if Sarah somehow got close to Kate.

Henry gritted his teeth.

He knew that Kate would hate her for this, but this was for her safety.


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