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Living in a house filled with five siblings is definitely hard, especially when you're the 'middle' child. You know the one who always gets the blame for everything? Who always feels left out? Meet Harmony April White. She's a beautiful, oblivious, insecure teenager. All she every wanted was to be loved by her own mother. The only way she finds peace is with music, of course nobody acknowledges that except for her best friends; Chloe, Tyler and her Grandma Cherry. Harmony used to think there wasn't much to live for in this life, of course that was until she met Carter and his family. He made her smile, he made her giggle, more importantly he made her believe she was happy. She thought her summer would go on like every other, little did she know. As a huge family secret unravels, she begins to question not only the ones closest to her, but herself too. Follow Harmony's story filled with shocking revelations, new found love, and more. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2022 Ethereal

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Harmony's story is intriguing and has the attention of many of her readers; she is able to relate to them and share their sorrow. The author does great job of introducing the character, but this introduction is unrefined and fails to speak to the audience. If this lack of expression were to be adjusted then perhaps we may see Harmony connect to many more readers. However, I wish to pass on my congratulations to the author for creating a character many can sympathise with.


Wow, I'm blown away by this novel! It's beautifully written, with an interesting plot. I'd recommend this to any romance fans, can't wait for more!


I loved the book....the characters are well developed...story line is great...I love harmony and I love tht u have made her strong female character...Go girl power hehe!! Great work👌👌👌


I'm not just impressed by the synopsis and structure, but the concept and the writer's style. Clear depiction of words and expressions that ensured the readers will be able to follow along with the story. Kudos to the writer, I highly recommend.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


This novel was splendidly made as it has nice narration based on a teen's inner monologue. It was light and fluffy to read as I go on reading. This needs to be acknowledged and praised for the author's awesome execution in her genre. Love lots here ❤️. I'm a fan! Congrats!


This is the story I can relate with.. I really like the plot of the stories because it's all about family and relationship towards other person.. It really intrigued me .. Good job...


A story that I will recommend to the teenager nowadays. Its so catchy that you want to read more and dig something. Very intriguing. I lost track of time. Good job, author 😁


I was impressed by the concept of the book, aside from being intriguing it is also a relatable story most teenagers will love and get hooked! Definitely a story to read while enjoying my morning coffee haha! Good job, Kudos to the Author!


The work was perfectly well written! it had the taste and essence of beautiful capacity to attract readers! It's amazing to see how wonderful the author's characters are designed! keep up the good work, author!


I have to say this story is amazing, from the synopsis, I already knew I was going to fall in love and I did. Great job Author. Keep it up 😉


I love this book!!! It’s so relatable and captivating. There were no errors, the descriptions is top notch. As an author, I’m challenged and as a reader, I’m definitely impressed. I honestly have no words to say except this is a job well done, author . You’ve done an excellent job and I love your work. You definitely have a fan now. I’ll keep supporting your work. Well done 👍 . I highly recommend this to everyone. You wont regret giving it a chance.


This book brings in thrill and excitement in each chapter. Once you started reading, you will want to read more! It's worth the read and definitely highly recommended. Great job author! 👏👏👏


Omg love this book so far.l though I've only read a few chapters. I was drawn by the synopsis (the first thing I always look at for a book). The overall storyline is very intriguing and the characters are very well developed. Good job!


Impressive!! The characters are well described and so is the story background. The writing style is beautiful. I loved the book so far. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work Author.[img=recommend][img=recommend]


This is quite unique. I not that much a fan of this genre but the story was able to make stay glued to my screen. The flow of the story is top notch. And amazing story from the author.


Not my preferred type of genre, but good pacing that flows throughout the chapters. A must-read for the fans of this genre. Added to the library for more chapters.


I honestly love the easy flow of the story line! The author has a way of getting us to understand things from the characters perspective and it really helps the character development. Definetly adding it to my library🥺Can't wait to read more, good job author🤸‍♀️❤️🙌


This is different from other books i have been reading... I love the overall concept and ideology. I love the clarity and detailed chapters... The suspense and the writing generally. Well done Author


Wow wow author what a superb novel. Charlie I loved the plot and everything. Wow great work and you have done really well with this novel. Applause. 👏👏. But I hope to see the updates asap. Thanks ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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