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Grounded One


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This book is a new look on Heaven, Hell and Death. Ashlin is an archangel in Heaven's army yet when she is kidnapped by Layton (King of Hell) she gain a taste of the other side. The once pure soul was no longer able to look at Heaven as simply........... Perfect. Join her on a of love, laughter, attitude and pain. Allow me to carry you on a journey where you'll forget what has been taught and embrace what lies ahead. Preview Sleep refused to stay as the movement of chains met my ears, the air around me became still slowly suffocating me. Coughing, my eyes open to be met with electrifying green orbs, I quickly reached for my sword to find it missing. Looking up at the taller man he held my sword in his grasp. The silver blade that once held a shine was now bronze with rust. "I see the big man still doesn't want me to touch heavenly things" he dropped the sword to the floor. "Who are you, vile creature?" My voice held poison. "You don't recognize me?" I raised an eyebrow. "Well you aren't Jesus so no" he let out a dark chuckle. "I didn't know he made angels with sarcasm now" I struggle to get up from the bed as chains were wrapped around my body. "over time you learn to insult people by being polite. Just look in the mirror your whole existence is an insult to me" he near my bed side a physcopathic smile on his face. "It seems your father knows how to pick them. Fiesty, warrior and untouched? Mhmm he sure knows how to pick them" he ran a finger across my chest. The cloth burns away at his touch leaving a line exposing my breast. Narrowing my eyes at him, I try to extend my wings but stayed in their place. "Are you done yet?" "Master was right. No shame at all, he'll surely enjoy you, little angel, my name's Cleus, but you can just call me Death" with a wink a black circle appeared. Cleus walked through, the chains rattled and turned before I was also going through the black circle. Chains, it was never an accessory we hand the pleasure of wearing but humans did wether it was mental or physical they wore it. Some with their head held high others allowed it to drag them down. For me, it was uncomfortable and it would be much appreciated if they didn't exist at all. We soon entered Hell, the kingdom of damned souls, who enjoyed sins to the fullest in the mortal world, now here they are for eternity, maybe theyll learn to enjoy the torture as much as they once enjoyed sins. We enter a room that smelt of death and desperation.  It looked like one of the jail cells on earth, Cleus pushed me in and closed the gate. My face comforted the floor with it's warmth, as the chains tighten around my body. Coughing a scream left my lips, bones felt broken and I felt forsaken what have I done to meet this misfortune. I soon lost consciousness.


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