1 Intro

Ashlin POV

Heaven was everything humans thought it to be. Pure streams, golden path ways and more beautiful than Greek mythology. Looking down at Earth; the world beneath us consisting of sinners, saints and those who are yet to find their own way. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I'd become if I lived as they do, if only for a day, not bathing in sin but live a destiny you created. Many angels waved as they pass by with gentle smiles. There's no guarantee they are genuine, when you live in a world created with perfection, the line between genuine and counterfeit becomes blurred. Orange, pink hue coloured the sky as the sun raise to grace their mixed skin. The same hue colours the clouds surrounding us. We were in heaven, at the moment we were preparing for the day ahead. God's loud voice boomed through the clouds calling us home. Pearl white wings appear behind me, with slow flaps they brush the air around them. Within seconds I was bowed at his throne waiting for my command.

"Rise" his voice held a fatherly gentleness to it.

"Father, what shall I do today?" My head was still bowed showing him my full respect.

"You'll be surveying Earth and reporting back to me, also some of my followers need guidance. Child, would you help them?"

"Yes, father" my wings extend once more before I flew away from heaven towards Earth.

It is known as a world filled with sin, but it isn't. Instead it's like a glass half full half empty. Sinners made one quarter of the population, Saints made up two quarter while those who were still unsure made up the last quarter. I did my job and helped father's follower back onto his path after they began to stray. I stood against a lamp pose looking at the world around me, at the people around me. They didn't see my wings or angelic appearance instead they saw an ordinary girl. I walked to the particly run down apartment building where I usually stay when there are long missions.

"It's been a while dear, good to see you back" the landlord greeted me.

Her face held respectable wrinkles, lilly coloured hair was pinned up into a bun. Her blue eyes lacked life, it showed of her many hardships on this earth. Pity wasn't something I gave to her, that would be disrespectful she deserved envy and appreciation but those are things I couldn't give to her. I took the stairs to my apartment on the second floor, it was good to put my feet to use. Reaching my apartment, I unlocked the door and walked into the only piece of my life I created. Removing my sword and placing it next to the grey sofa I walked over to my kitchen and sat on the counter. Gazing around the apartment, a smile graced my lips. In heaven we were taught to leave earthly things alone for they are only good to corrupt the pure. Being born an angel had its benefits for God, it was a insurance that we'll follow the rules without doubt.

A frown replaced my smile as the atmosphere felt uneasy. Grabbing my sword, I flew out the building from the window towards heaven. God wasn't on his throne instead he was at the stairs looking at Earth. Angels rushed pass me as a dark cloud appeared in the sky. Disappointment was placed on his face as he narrowed his eyes at Earth. Someone had done a great sin, it was only things like that, which made him gravely disappointed in his own creation.

"Father what is wrong?" I landed next to him.

"One of my child has summond the Devil to make a deal. It would seem that, the time is nearing on one of their loved one life yet they refuse to let go"

"Should I help with the situation?"

"No child you have done enough for today return to earth and complete the task I have given to you" nodding I left his side.

I was once again in my earthly home, relaxing sore bones. My wings disappeared into my skin no longer being seen. My stomach was full due to the heavy meal I ate earlier, my body sank on the mattress as comfort was something I searched for. Soon it was found and my eyes drifted close. Sleep refused to stay as the movement of chains met my ears, the air around me became still slowly suffocating me. Coughing, my eyes open to be met with electrifying green orbs, I quickly reached for my sword to find it missing. Looking up at the taller man he held my sword in his grasp. The silver blade that once held a shine was now bronze with rust.

"I see the big man still doesn't want me to touch heavenly things" he dropped the sword to the floor.

"Who are you, vile creature?" My voice held poison.

"You don't recognize me?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Well you aren't Jesus so no" he let out a dark chuckle.

"I didn't know he made angels with sarcasm now" I struggle to get up from the bed as chains were wrapped around my body.

"over time you learn to insult people by being polite. Just look in the mirror your whole existence is an insult to me" he near my bed side a physcopathic smile on his face.

"It seems your father knows how to pick them. Fiesty, warrior and untouched? Mhmm he sure knows how to pick them" he ran a finger across my chest.

The cloth burns away at his touch leaving a line exposing my breast. Narrowing my eyes at him, I try to extend my wings only to have stay in their place.

"Are you done yet?"

"Master was right. No shame at all, he'll surely enjoy you, little angel, my name's Cleus, but you can just call me Death" with a wink a black circle appeared.

Cleus walked through, the chains rattled and turned before I was also going through the black circle. Chains, it was never an accessory we hand the pleasure of wearing but humans did wether it was mental or physical they wore it. Some with their head held high others allowed it to drag them down. For me, it was uncomfortable and it would be much appreciated if they didn't exist at all. We soon entered Hell, the kingdom of damned souls, who enjoyed sins to the fullest in the mortal world, now here they are for eternity, maybe theyll learn to enjoy the torture as much as they once enjoyed sins. We enter a room that smelt of death and desperation.  It looked like one of the jail cells on earth, Cleus pushed me in and closed the gate. My face comforted the floor with it's warmth, as the chains tighten around my body. Coughing a scream left my lips, bones felt broken and I felt forsaken what have I done to meet this misfortune. I soon lost consciousness.


It's been two years since I was taken prisoner by the king of Hell, the Devil. He has made it his mission to torture and break me over these past years but he has accomplished but he doesn't have to know that. He feed me enough to keep me alive at first I thought he wanted my knowledge but he seems to enjoy my screams and cries. It seems to fuel his actions making him more aggressive but I've grown accustom to it by now. Yesterday he didn't show up for my daily beating which gave me hope that he was gstrong bored of having me here and soon I'll be able to return home. Footsteps sounded as it neared my cell, there he stood. Lightening grey eyes, black hair, strong jaw and pale lips. He stood tall at 6'2 with a fairly built body, his posture held authority and high position.

"How are you little angel" two years and he has yet to know my name.

"Don't you have any shame? It's understandable why I don't but you" I trailed off into thought.

"What will make you ask that?" He opened the gate and sat on the bed I've never slept on.

"You kidnapped an archangel, abused and tortured her but you still don't know her name even though she been here for two years" he sat quiet thinking for a moment.

"What is your name?" His gaze burned through me.

"What is your name?" I repeated his question.

It was to annoy him since I knew every name given to him and it didn't interest me.

"You can call me Layton, now your name" it's been the first time I've heard him being called by that name.

"Ashlin" I whispered, it was the first time introducing myself, saying my name.

"Pardon me"

"It's Ashlin"

"You weren't human once. It's unusual for you to have such a name" he stepped towards me.

His hands reached above my head an unlocked my hands then he unlocked my feet. He attached a lease onto a collar he had given me and lead me out of the cell, down a long hallway. We ascended a long staircase, all the while silence surrounded us as I stumble over my feet due to the lack of use. We entered a room where multiple demons walked around some carrying papers and some talking to each other. We walked to the exit, Cleus and a white haired girl waited for us. The girl's eyes lit up seeing Layton and my eyes concentrated on Cleus.

"She lives" he exclaimed once we stood beside him.

"Like I have a choice" I sigh out as his eyes flew to me.

"Does the little angel want to die?" Layton tug my lease pulling me on the opposite side of him.

"Dying isn't my thing and Death isn't my type either" he smirked but didn't reply.

We entered a black hole and appeared inside of a beautifully furnished home, it reminded me of my apartment on earth. Layton unclasped my lease and collar proceeding to sit on the couch. The girl from earlier sat on his lap cuddling into him. I walked around before finding the kitchen where I sat and try to extend my wings. It finally appeared but it wasn't the only thing.

"It looks nice on you" Cleus said motioning to the tiny chains wrapped around my body and wings.

"Silver isn't really my colour" I sighed allowing my wings to disappear.

Cleus approached me to which I paid no attention to until he trail his finger on various parts of my back. To each touch the chains appeared squeezing my body each time it appeared. This was Hell, a world filled with torture for the damned. So why was I being the one tortured?

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