Reviews of Goodnight Mr. Gu!


Goodnight Mr. Gu!

Gu Mushuang

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Okay...So it's really an interesting book ...A must try for all those who like strong female lead .....I really like the character development in this book far..


One of the great book do far about transmigration stuff...Must give it a try ....I love the fl soo much also the side characters are worth it....No misunderstanding so far..No scheming mother in laws...It just fun to read


this is a very good book, you know a laughed a lot, the FL is quite funny, had a personnality and her behaviors are sometimes surprising but it makes sense according to her character.I like this book cuz there isn't drama, it feels refreshing, even though at first sight of the summary i got this idea of "wow another cliche" but believe me it's entirely different....just read a few chapters and i get addicted.....i really hope they will pick this one and translate it...thanks anyway


Did the synopsis get short? The Full Synopsis: Imperial city’s most esteemed bachelor of the Gu family got married and he met his wife through a matchmaking process. Rumor has it that she was soft and easy to be bullied. In this regard, Tang Chi, the wrestling queen had something to say: Yes, I am soft and easy to be bullied. Those who have tasted her beatings: Nonsense!! Before Gu Linzheng met Tang Chi, he was unattainable like a flower in the high hills. Once Gu Linzheng met Tang Chi, he was still cold and distant as before, but he had a new behavior ― public display of affection. They had an agreement before they got married which was getting divorced after a year. One year later, Tang Chi brought it up again. Gu Linzheng: Divorce? Over my dead body!


I have heard a spoiler that ML doesn't vocal out his interest for MC until after 200 chapters- so I guess it's a slow burn book? I like slowly falling though, it's more fun that way for me. But if it's from both sides, so I hope MC doesn't fall so quickly for him either and is a tough rock to crack. Total Chapters: 813 Raw Title: 顾先生,晚安!


Love it. Please read it. it is totally different from the ones we usually read all the time. My fellow readers who are tired of reading about assassins, actresses and CEOs FL this is the one for you. The female lead is a wrestler people! A Wrestler! How good can it get than that? So please read and 🔓 all the chapters . Let's continue the journey with our FL. Please!


If you're interested in reading a need book, read this. You won't regret spending a few minutes on this book. This is such a breath of fresh air amongst transmigration troupes. The FL is unique and smart with her decisions. She knows what she wants and she's working her way to achieve it. She's smart in using her knowledge from her previous self. She's not running head-on towards whatever unlike the FL of the book I forgot the title of. Haha Like most ML's, this story's ML is a cold guy, but he's not without a personality. The ML's mom is a wonder. I want a mother-in-law like her. The FL's father is a cutie. Haha so adorable. I like her mom too. Her friends are loyal too. The ML's brother is annoying but he's okay. I still like him. I look forward to reading this novel. I hope this gets selected soon.


I really like this novel the female character is so funny trying to hide her true self from everyone. The interactions between her and her brother-in-law made me laugh so hard. I hope people read this one


I love❤️ the female lead😘😘😘😘.the story is good.hopefully it is picked.😍😍😍😍😍😘😊😊😊😊😊😊🙃🙃😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘


Saya suka tapi harus dengan koin baru bisa baca lanjutannya..kenapa tidak ada yang gratis tapi bagus..sungguh berharap adavyabg bagus tapi gratis


The story is intriguing. The FL is a wrestler which is a first. The ML is the perfect man but wants to divorce FL in a year. Great concept. I hope this story is chosen. All the best


This actually a pretty good story... I love the FL... She is not your typical FL that knows everything no is she super smart and stunningly beautiful... ML is not too bad either... I hope they chose this novel!! I’m looking forward for more chapters!! 😊


This novel triggers the inner amazon in me. I suddenly have the urge to exercise and strengthen my body! LoL This story is refreshing and interesting!!! A must-have in your library! 😉


MC is strong and her choice of aspiration is quite unexpected. Then throw in the cross universe transmigration. ML and her make for an interesting dynamic as a couple. Looking forward to reading this one.


I haven’t read this book yet... but based on the synopsis the Novel looks intriguing... so I am going to add it to my reading list. Hopefully, when I do start reading the book .... it doesn’t disappoint me...lol




Picked up? Nope? Okay, will check agin tomorrow. Was it picked up? Nope? Okay, will check agin tomorrow. Picked up? Nope yet?? Okay, will check agin tomorrow. Picked up? Nope??? Okay, will check agin tomorrow. We are still waiting!!!!!!


This is a refreshing story , where is FL isnt pitiful. The family is cute. no misunderstandings. FL is in a fighting profession which is very different from the usuals. The best part is both the ML and FL are very straight forward individuals that results in no major issues.


I really am enjoying this book .I sure hope the author/translator continues to write/post. I look forward to what's next!


I really want Webnovel to release this book so I can continue reading. The books so far is really nice 👍🏼 and I really like the plot..... 😚😚😚