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If you're interested in reading a need book, read this. You won't regret spending a few minutes on this book. This is such a breath of fresh air amongst transmigration troupes. The FL is unique and smart with her decisions. She knows what she wants and she's working her way to achieve it. She's smart in using her knowledge from her previous self. She's not running head-on towards whatever unlike the FL of the book I forgot the title of. Haha Like most ML's, this story's ML is a cold guy, but he's not without a personality. The ML's mom is a wonder. I want a mother-in-law like her. The FL's father is a cutie. Haha so adorable. I like her mom too. Her friends are loyal too. The ML's brother is annoying but he's okay. I still like him. I look forward to reading this novel. I hope this gets selected soon.


Goodnight Mr. Gu!

Gu Mushuang

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