GOJO: A Sorcerer in the Soul Society

Short version: Gojo dies and gets bleached. Serious version: After an epic fight against Sukuna at full power. Gojo sacrifices himself to protect his students, Yuji and Megumi. What he didn't expect was that he would wake up in the afterlife. NB: This is set 55 years before the start of canon. For the fan of Bleach, 110 BC, 55 BC, and 20 BC are very important milestones. I choose 55 because it would help me make an interesting story. ------ Here link of my new Story. Name is MIDNIGHT PRINCE : Empire of Sin https://www.webnovel.com/book/midnight-prince_24908760405236305 would appreciate it if you could give reviews and put it in your collection. Discord link: https://discord.gg/c7d4SNW Patron link: https://www.patreon.com/HikaruGenji I updated my patreon. Tier 1: 4 chapters Tier 2: 11 chapters Tier 3: 13 chapters Legend: 16 chapters of SHK and 16 of Gojo+ illustrations of SHK Overlord: 18 of SHK and 18 of Gojo+ illustrations. Can also ask or vote for special chapters once each month. Supreme: Same benefits as overlord+ right to ask for the creation of an OC(Name/Gender /Race/Power) that will be added to the story. Disclaimer: Neither the cover nor bleach and Jujutsu belong to me. I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

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Soi Fon, captain of the 2nd division of the Gotei 13 and commandant of the Secret Force was attentively observing the man known as Satoru Gojo and she had only one thought.

'I don't like him.'

Aside from him being relatively handsome and his power being too large for a new soul, what really irked her was his nonchalance. The way he spoke and the hidden arrogance in his words. Everything made her remember one man.

'That bastard Kisuke.'

It has already been close to 60 years since he fled from the Seireitei with her mistress. Even after 60 years, just remembering this made her want to scream and rage.

'Let's focus.'

She immediately decided to not face this man. She wasn't just a little guard following the princess, like in the past. Because of her position, it was necessary for her to not mix feelings and work.

'This outing was supposed to be a test for the newbies. I can't say that they failed since even the two of us were discovered. Should I have them fight against him?'

She pondered a little. The mission was only supposed to enter the extermination phase if the man was dangerous. Sadly, they weren't able to see enough to determine whether he was a dangerous element or a talent to pull in.

What's more, if she handled the situation wrongly, she could push him away from them even if he hadn't wished so initially. 

'If I fail my mission on the first day, the captain-commander is going to kill me.'

Gojo, feeling no hostility coming from the people surrounding him understood that they were just supposed to observe him.

'Ah~! Man, don't tell me I made a mistake!?'

The cliché scene of a guy going in a dark alley and calling out people tailing him before proceeding to beat them like a chad was always so cool in movies. Why did he fail at the very first step?

The situation fell into an awkward lull. Neither side quite knowing how to act. One could even feel a slightly cold wind flow into the scene.

Scratching his head, Gojo proposed, "Look, how about we act as if nothing happened? You guys go do whatever you were doing and I am going to act as if I didn't see you. Deal?"

Looking at Gojo with a deadpan expression, Soi Fon once again wondered how someone could have such a punchable face.

What she didn't expect was that one of her soldiers couldn't hold himself back and rushed behind the man called Gojo by using a Shunpo.

Even though he was incredibly fast, for her, he was so slow she could see each of his movements quite clearly. 

'That idiot.'

She cursed and was about to rush to stop this action, before stopping dead in her tracks as she saw what Gojo was about to do. He smiled leisurely while taking two steps to the side and avoiding the hit that, while not fatal, would have surely wounded him.

This was followed by a twirl then, one full blow to the stomach.

In just a few seconds, one of her so-called elites was taken down by some new soul without even being given a chance to counter-attack.

"How did you stop him?" Soi-Fon questioned while being baffled. 

None of his movements were particularly fast. In fact, he simply moved a little faster than normal people. Despite this, her soldier was not even able to retaliate.

Gojo smiled at this question and raised his eye cover, showing one set of beautiful blue eyes shining like jewels.

"It's easy if you can see."


Gnashing her teeth at this remark, she waved her hand, signaling to four others to attack without the intention to harm him. 

Gojo simply shrugged at this and put the eye cover back down.

'I wasn't lying though.'

In his world, all members of the Gojo clan could more or less use Limitless. But only when Limitless and the Rokugan were linked can they bring out the greatest potential.

Limitless was, in a crude way of speaking, a kind of time-space manipulation. But the Rokugan didn't fall behind.

One of the best abilities was the one which allowed the user to perceive a moment of reality as if it was over one minute in his mind.

This was an extremely powerful ability to use during combat. Because even a single second could change the outcome.

"Haha. Man, those guys sure are jumpy."

In his current world, the world only he could see, all colors slowly faded until all that was left was a monochromatic white and black.

Some people might think that it was some weird power, but in fact, they would be wrong to assume so.

"Ohh! This is really good."

Laughing, Gojo slowly watched as all the people jumping towards him appeared as if they were slowed down.

Those guys were so straightforward that it was hilarious.

What's more, his current body was far stronger than his old one. Thanks to this, he was able to use more power than in the past.

'Well, if I had Limitless I wouldn't even need to dodge.'

While leisurely thinking about how he would recover Limitless, he began to act.


What happened next was something Soi Fon could not understand.

In the past, she had served as Princess Yoruichi's personal guard and was a witness to how her princess went from just a lord like any other to the fastest person ever. Even to the point of obtaining the title of  <<Flash Goddess>>. 

As the current commander of the secret force, a unit specialized in the use of Shunpo, she was already used to all feats of speed.

She could have accepted it if the man moved so fast that he was invisible.


'He is so slow.'

He wasn't particularly faster than the assailants, he didn't use any Kido either. Despite this, not one of them was even able to touch him, much less wound him.

It was as if he was able to see the future. Each of his steps would place him in the most ideal place to either avoid or counter the attacks. Sometimes, he would even make them hit or disturb each other.

Even energy-wise, he didn't display an overwhelming power, but rather, he used just the necessary amount of strength each time.

The worst? He was doing all this with his eyes covered by a blindfold.

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