87 Mysterious residents

'Those monsters aren't coming after me, are they? I need to get this boy to the meeting location quickly. There, hopefully, is somewhere I can hide. ' The man pondered as he ran.

After a while of running, ruined houses began to appear in front of him. ''Huff, t-this should be the place, r-right? So where exactly am I supposed to meet these people? ''

The man looked around as he slowed down and moved closer to the houses. 

''Did I arrive early? ''


While looking for people to turn Rayn over to complete the mission, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck and a sword tip emerged from his mouth before collapsing to the ground and dying instantly.

''I was worried they wouldn't make it, but they did an excellent job,'' Raydon said as he wiped the blood from his shortsword on the man's clothes.


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