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A guy gets a system. He goes to other worlds. He wants to build a harem. He becomes a god? Join Alex as he joins a game to determine the next God as he travels to new worlds and builds a harem to help him in battle Note- I do not own ANYTHING that is part of an already existing franchise

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The tension in the room was palpable as Alex and the various gods/leaders from just about every race and major faction in Danmachi stared at one another, his claim of not being there to fight being ignored.

"So what do you want?" Poseidon demanded in a low rumble, like that of a storm that was still off in the distance.

"Just to talk a little." Alex said as he finished off all of the fruit in the bowl, before conjuring himself a glass as he began to pour their wine into it.

The entire time he was doing so, none of them moved to try and do anything despite the numerous openings Alex was giving them. This was because all of the gods and goddesses had their divine powers sealed before they descended to the mortal world.

Sure, they could still call upon a scant few of their original powers, like Aphrodite, Freya and Ishtar with their Charm ability, but it was severely weakened compared to before their descent. Plus none of the abilities possessed by the gods could be used in combat, which would make things more 'interesting' for them since they wouldn't be able to just steamroll their way through any difficulties.

So they were effectively powerless before Alex if he did decide to fight them, while it was also apparent that he himself possessed divine powers. And then there was also his earlier display with the dwarf lord's hammer, meaning that none of the mortals present could be his match either.

Tensions and blood pressure continued to rise within the tent as Alex poured himself a glass of wine, sampled it, and then downed the entire glass before pouring himself another.

"As I was saying..." Alex FINALLY began as he filled the glass a second time. "I came to give some of you a chance to back away from this fight before you get hurt."

"Ha!" Ares sneered at Alex as he stepped forward arrogantly. "You think we are afraid of you, Dragon Emperor?"

"Not really, no." Alex replied. "But, we have no intentions of taking any prisoners after you attack Orario, nor will we allow anyone to run away so they can lick their wounds before trying to attack again. Everyone who attacks Orario will be killed."

Silence permeated the tent at Alex's declaration, allowing his words to sink in as he directed a look at each and every person before him. Both mortal and godly.

"You intend to kill even the gods?" Poseidon rumbled angrily.

"Well duh." Alex responded as if that were obvious, making the divine group before him bristle in anger.

Though the gods were basically immortal, it was still blasphemy for a mortal to destroy their mortal vessel and force them to return to the divine realm. And despite the divine power radiating from Alex's body, the gathered gods adamantly REFUSED to acknowledge himself as one of them.

Ignoring their anger though, Alex continued,

"Several of you don't care about the lies and propaganda that Ares has been spreading, and just want to attack Orario for whatever reason." As he said that Alex ran his gaze over the vast majority of leaders that were gathered before him, each of which fell under such a category.

"To many of you this is just a chance to take Orario for yourselves, to plunder it's riches, kill it's people, take control of the Dungeon, or otherwise simply spread chaos and misery." With each word Alex looked directly at the person in question, some of which glared back at him, scoffed, or otherwise pretended not to notice.

"A few of you however DID believe the propaganda, and came to 'liberate' Orario from the clutches of the dastardly villain that has taken it over. And even I would feel bad if I had to kill these people because they got caught up on the wrong side of this battle."

This time there was a hint of amusment in Alex's eyes as he looked over those that this applied to, Aphrodite and very few others compared to the first category.

Aside from these two groups, there was another person there who Alex could feel genuine animosity towards him radiating from her body, the goddess he had learned was Kali.

'Of course...' Alex mentally sighed, since the goddess he had claimed that he'd 'break her like all the other bitches' was so youthful in appearance.

Regardless of appearances though, Kali WAS in fact the goddess of Death and Plague. And the if looks could kill, or she had her divine powers, then Alex was pretty sure she'd have killed him a hundred or so times over already.

"What's wrong Kali? You look like somone stole your favorite toy." He asked with a smirk, stunning the rest of them since NO ONE ever had the balls to disrespect Kali of all people.

"Is that so?" Kali asked, her expression morphing to one of sadistic anticipation before she proceeded to get up onto the table between them.

"Maybe that's just because a MAN is trying to make a claim on MY kingdom?" She practically growled as she prowled closer to him, not at all minding the dishes she was kicking over, or the view she was giving the various men under her loincloth.

Alex of course was completely unperturbed as Kali approached him, his expression not faltering in the slightest, even when she planted one of her feet on the back of the throne beside his head.

"Beg for my forgiveness, and I MAY let you live as my personal pet." She sneered down at him with unmatched arrogance.

"I'm sorry..." Alex began, making her grin widen so that her teeth were showing, before he continued, "But I must decline your offer."

"You-!" Kali began, outraged at Alex's refusal and flippant attitude, before the entire world began to spin around her. Quite literally.

The next thing Kali knew, she was laying in Alex's lap on her stomach with her arms being restrained behind her back. And as if that weren't enough, she felt BOTH her loincloth and the cloth the backside of her legs being removed, leaving her completely bare from the waist down while laying on some man's lap.

"What are you doing?!?" She demanded with none of her dignity wavering, as she basically ran aroud naked to begin with.

"Disciplining you of course." Alex said as if it were obvious, using his free hand to cup Kali's ass momentarily, as if he were admiring it. But then he raised his hand up in the air, and the same thought passed through every single god and mortal's minds att that second.

Is he really?

Yes he was.



"YOU DARE!" Kali raged as Alex spanked her ass in front of everyone, only for him to ignore her as he raised his hand yet again.






For several minutes Alex continued spanking Kali like she was a naughty child in need of discipline, all while she hurled obscenities and threats at him for daring to disrespect her in such a way. But that did not last.

Soon Kali's threats ceased as Alex spanked her until her butt was notably red against her otherwise tanned skin, and had welted in the shape of numerous handprints. Instead, her biology as an Amazon began to kick into effect as the goddess was dominated for the first time in her long existance. Now it was taking everything she was capable of to keep any sounds from leaking out her mouth, sounds that were markedly different from her earlier screaming and curses.

"Are you getting wet from this?" Alex asked as he feigned ignorance, knowing fully well that Kali was becoming increasingly aroused the more he dominated her.

"What do you all think?" He asked the gathered gods and leaders, before shifting Kali again so that she was laying on his shoulders with her ass pointed at all of them. Alex then spread her ass open so that her EVERYTHNG was on display to them all, showing that she was in fact becoming quite wet at the continuous rough treatment. And incredulously, she was becoming even wetter as Alex exposed her shame for all to see.

"If my divine power was not restricted, then you would have experienced humiliation and pain greater than ANY in this world could ever conceive of!" Kali snarled at Alex, desperately fighting the increasing arousal in her body while cursing her Amazon biology for the first time.

"Shall we put that to the test?" Alex asked, surprising Kali and the rest of the gods at how casual he was about the subject. But even after the current spectacle, none of them could have expected what Alex did next.

Holding Kali on his shoulder with one hand, Alex proceeded to tear open a portal between the divine and mortal realms with the other, before smashing every single statue that was storing the divine power of the gods.

Divine power flooded through the portal as every single one rushed to their respective owners, some of which were within this very tent, while the vast majority flew out to find their owners elsewhere in the world. And as their respective powers returned to them, very drastic changes occured within each of the gods and goddesses present.

"YEEEEEEES!" Poseidon roared, making the earth itself rumble beneath their feet while giving voice to rush and exhilaration that each of them felt. It had been so long, that almost all of them had forgotten what their original power felt like.

Despite the celebrating gods before him though, Alex remained calm even as Kali continued struggling.

"You fool! Now you shall know how fearsome my wrath is!" Kali declared, despite the fact that she was still being restrained by him.

"Oh no... I'm in trouble now." Alex said in a flat, but slightly humored, voice, even as several of the other gods turned their attention towards him.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Alex used his Telekinesis to force-choke every single one and hold them up in the air, preventing them being able to do anything while he also restricted them through other means.

"Did you really think I'd restore all of your divine powers if there was even a chance of you being able to beat me?" He asked in an almost bored tone. Though if Alex were being honest he totally would have anyways, just to try and fight all of the gods and see how they stacked up against the DXD gods.

But, seeing how strong they currently were, he knew it wouldn't be worth his time. So, Alex just repeated his earlier words as he said, "Remember, all who march against Orario will be killed. I am open to discussion with those who were lied to by Ares, but if you still chose to march in battle then you will be killed alongside the rest of them. Your choice"

With a wave of his hand, Alex then disappeared from the tent along with Kali and Aphrodite. The second he disappeared the force restraining the gods vanished, allowing them to breathe as they replayed what just happened in their heads.

"So, anyone interested in running away?" Ares asked them all, drawing the attention back to him as he vaporized his own chair as if it were contaminated from being sat on by Alex.

"Not in the slightest." Poseidon rumbled, making the very earth shake just so slightly with his mere voice, while just about every other god in attendance thought the same. Alex was too dangerous and powerful to be allowed to roam free.


As for the Dragon Emperor himself, Alex brought Aphrodite and Kali with him as he picked up both of their Familias, the former's being composed of numerous beautiful men and women, who Alex could tell were under the influence of a Charm, while the latter was composed of several THOUSAND Amazons, before bringing them all into one of his pocket dimensions. Actually, the latter wasn't entirely Kali's Familia, but she had gathered ALL of the Amazons on the continent to fight under her for this battle.

"Release me at once!" Kali snarled as Alex continued manhandling her, despite her divine powers being returned to her.

"Ok." Alex said, before unceremoniously dumping her onto the ground, which was covered in soft grass.

"W-where are we?" Aphrodite asked hesitantly, recalling everything that had been said about Alex from Ares and the others, even if he had claimed they were lies.

"The Myriad Realms of Revelry." Alex answered plainly, despite the open hostility he was receiving from ALL of the gathered Amazons.

"And where is that?" Aphrodite asked, even as tables of endless food and drink appeared before them.

"They're one of the numerous dimensions attached to my homeworld, Asora. The purpose of these realms is to allow those within to enjoy themselves in whatever vices they possess, no matter how destructive or disgusting." Alex explained while taking a seat, and gesturing for Aphrodite to do the same.

As she sat down, several of Aphrodite's Familia members began to quickly bring her food and pour her drinks from the table, while Kali just continued to glare at Alex despite her continued nudity.

"Are you going to join us, or just continue sitting there on the ground?" Alex asked the goddess.

"Why don't you make me?" She asked like a bratty child.

"Haaa..." Alex just sighed at her, before waving his hand and making the bands concealing her breasts disappear.

"Oh, you just made me naked." She sneered without a care, after all, Alex had revealed something much worse to all of the others just minutes ago.

"I'm not done yet." Alex said plainly, before waving his hand once again. Except this time Kali was completely attired in entirely different clothes.


"WHAT THE FUCK!?!" The goddess roared with very unlady-like language, which was understandable since Alex just dressed her in maid attire.

Kali still had the bands and such around her wrists and ankles, but other than that she was dressed in an erotic maid outfit complete with a bonnet and a skirt so short that she threatened to show everything with the slightest movements. And naturally, there were no panties underneath.

Rising to her feet in an instant in her anger, Kali was then surprised when a chair materialized out of thin air and scooped her up before pulling in at the table.

"Now then, lets discuss some things." Alex said while looking between the two goddesses.

"Why did you bring me with you?" Aphrodite asked instantly, since she and Alex hadn't even said two words to one another.

"I thought it was quite obvious." Alex said to her, before explaining when it was evident that she didn't understand.

"You and your Familia have next to no actual combat ability, at least when compared to what Ares and the others have at their disposal. You were also there only because you genuinely believed the lies that Ares has been spreading about me to marshall people to war. So tell me, if a goddess with no combat power who is also the embodiment of beauty decided she wanted to leave, would the others allow her to do so?"


Aphrodite was silent as she processed what Alex had said, which she knew he was not wrong. Though Aphrodite was not powerless, her combat ability was practically non-existant compared to the other gods. She could be considered one of the most powerful in other regards, but with gods like Ares or the powerful Poseidon there, it wouldn't have mattered.

"Exactly." Alex said as Aphrodite nodded slowly in understanding.

"So what now?" She asked in a small voice, her mind replaying everything she had heard about Alex and how he handled women.

"Now you decide. I can deposit you somewhere safe on the continent away from the fighting, even in Orario itself if you wanted, or you can spend the night as a guest of me and my family so you can form your own opinions about me. But, I will say that if you choose the latter option, then I will insist on you removing your Charm from your Familia. We also don't allow men into my home, namely because of all the women there."

Aphrodite frowned when she heard that, before looking out over the collection of men and women who were a part of her Familia.

Every single one was exceptionally beautiful, and they adored her while lavishing all the attention she desired constantly. But, she had also Charmed them all into joining her.

Aphrodite couldn't help it, as she was terrified of being on her own with no one to love or lavish attention onto her. The first several months after she had descended to the mortal world had been a literal hell for her, and she desperately wanted to avoid going back to that.

Not only that, but she had Charmed the majority of her Familia members for their own good. They had all wanted to join her, LOVED her, but could not due to various circumstances like their families, wives, or other obligations. By Charming them, Aphrodite had made it so that they could do as they wanted with no guilt or hesitation.

As if he knew what she was thinking, Alex said in a soft voice, "If they truly love and want to be with you, then they'll stay regardless of if they're Charmed or not."

As Aphrodite was making her decision, Kali was continuously glaring at Alex and willing all of her divine power to make him drop dead right then and there, yet he stubbornly refused to die like the mongrel he was. Instead, he appeared to be completely unfazed by all of the death intent she was sending his way, making her wonder if one of his divinities involved death.

She was so preoccupied with wanting Alex dead for humiliating her, that Kali failed to notice the actions of her Amazons as they spent more and more time in his presence. It wasn't for no reason that Alex was regarded as 'King of the Amazons, and the more time they spent in his presence, the more they were being subjected to his passive power and authority. Even Argana and Bache, her Captains, were starting to fidget as their hands inched closer and closer to their nether regions.


Back at the warcamp, the meeting had been brought to an end after everyone had been given a firsthand account of how powerful their adversary was, and had gone to make their own preparations for the coming battle. Ares meanwhile had been left alone in his tent as he contemplated the scope of his new powers.

One ability that they now possessed thanks to their divine powers being returned to them was to directly bless the mortals with their Falna. Not to be confused with the gifts already bestowed upon them by possessing the Falna itself, now Ares could directly grant his followers blessings and gifts to make them even stronger, something he strongly supected the other gods were already doing.

And Ares had the perfect canidate to give his first real blessing to.

As if summoned by his will, the tent flap opened then to allow entrance for two people, one of which was the very person that Ares had been thinking about.

"Ares-Sama, we have returned." Declared Martinus Rakia, Captain of the Ares Familia and King of Rakia.

Accompanying him was a youth with white hair and red eyes, the same prize that Ares had picked up trying to enter Orario a couple days prior.

"Hello Ares-Sama!" Bell quickly declared in greetings as he bowed before the war god.

"Welcome back Martinus, Bell. I trust your hunting trip was successful?" Ares asked.

"Indeed it was. Aside from actual game, we encounteres many wayward monsters that proved to be fitting first opponents for the boy." Martinus declared, giving Ares the brief account of their 'hunting trip'.

"Excellent. Come Bell, let me see if your Falna has changed." Ares commanded, to which the boy hurriedly sat down in front of him and peeled his shirt off so that he was topless.

Pricking his finger with the tip of a nearby dagger, Ares quickly began to update Bell's status to see if his instinct about the boy proved true. And boy was it!

Ares blinked as Bell's stats all shot upwards far more than they had any right to just from killing some low-level monsters. Not only that, but he had also obtained a skill. An outrageous skill that almost made Ares laugh out loud when he read it's description.

Realize Freeze: rapidly increases the growth rate of the user based on their admiration for another. The stronger the admiration, the faster the growth. Target: Martinus Rakia.

(A.N. so from my understanding until now, this skill was based off of admiration towards someone, which could be entirely platonic and non-romantic. It was only as I was writing this, and looked up the skill, that I realized it was based off of love. Obviously, I am not going that route since Bell likes girls. I am merely making it where he greatly looks up to Martinus because of how strong he is, and is not in love with him.)

As Ares read and reread the skill's description, he could not help the massive grin spreading on his face. This kid truly was a gem!

Now all they needed to do was properly polish and cut it, and he would become a gem unlike any the world had ever seen!


All of the divine realm was in an uproar, and the reason was that after Demeter's statue shattered less than a day ago, every single statue housing the divine power of the absentee gods and goddesses had shattered.

Now all of the divine realm was questioning what was happening in the mortal realm, and their enxiety was growing as rumors spread of a threat that could destroy even the gods themselves.

Only one figure was completely calm at the situation, as they were already preparing to make their way to the mortal realm to investigate the cause of this phenomenon. But they could not do it alone.

If this truly was a threat capable of destroying even the gods, then it would take several of them to vanquish it. They needed volunteers.

Currently all of the gods and goddess had exited their respective regions to gather in order to learn more about what was going on. And the ones doing the gathering were the great gods, those who, like Ouranos, came before the gods and wielded power far beyond what even THEY were capable of.

"We do not know what is causing this phenomenon." One of the great gods, Kronos, lord of time, declared to the gathered gods and goddesses irritably.

"Please Kronos. Something like this has never happened before. It is understandable that they are all frightened." Said another of the great gods, or rather goddess, Gaia.

"This is indeed unprecedented, but that does not give cause for fear and panic." Stated another great god that towered over the others, Ymir.

Despite their words though, none of the younger gods and goddesses could calm themselves as they fearfully muttered and discussed amongst themselves what was happening to their brethren below. That was, until a single figure completely covered in sinister armor took the stage to stand before them all alongside the great gods.

"I am Hades." They declared in their usual rasp, introducing themselves to all of the gods and goddesses, not that they needed an introduction. Hades' reputation made them feared amongst all of the gods and goddesses of the divine realm, not only due to their strength, but also their strict upholding of the rules and regulations.

As the gods and goddesses finally began to fall silent, Hades continued, "After this incident began with the statue of Demeter, I have acquired permission to desend to the mortal world, with my powers INTACT, to investigate the cause of this phenomenon. I will depart in twenty-four hours when the portal to the mortal world has been altered to allow me through with my divine powers."

The crowd of gods and goddesses had grown completely silent now as they hung on to every single word Hades was saying, allowing them to continue uninterupted as even the great gods were listening.

"However there is no telling what will be waiting for me in the mortal realm. That is why I ask now for several volunteers to accompany me in order to deal with this unknown threat. Now, who among you is god enough for this mission?"

As Hades' raspy voice finished speaking, mutterings and discussion broke out amongst the gods and goddess once again, but this time it was about who would be accompanying Hades to the mortal realm. And after several minutes, several figures stepped forward.

(A.N. any suggestions for the gods/goddesses that will join Hades? I'm mainly looking for lesser known deities from different pantheons to add a bit of variety. If you have a suggestion then feel free to comment, and I'll look into them.

Also, regarding the bit with Demeter, just consider this an AU where she is Enyo, because all of my info comes from the wiki, which was NOT up to date. The last time I read the side manga about Ais, it heavily implied Demeter was Enyo, AFTER Dionysus was sent back to heaven. Though it still says he was Enyo on the wiki, I assumed it hadn't been updated since nothing was said about Demeter.)

Thanks for reading!

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