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God Retribution Sage Path


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A game which began with a dream. Year 2021, the legendary game God Retribution online came to be known throughout the world. What made the game so special? The God Retribution online is a dream not a online game. Until a person fall into sleep will enter the game. Ashok who was a average high school student and end of become a legend in the world of God Retribution online. He was not a player who stand at the top of food chain or the strongest. but the most known and knowledgeable player about the different quest, items and game history. He helped many players in his journey of ten years to becoming a legendary game explorer. During on of his quests, he discovered the sinister secrets behind the game. Making him the enemy of the game creator and finally got killed by his subordinates When Ashok thought, he is dead.. He got reincarnated as the dead NPC. Returning back 10years in past before the beginning of the god retribution online. From here his legend of the greatest guide and support NPC among the payers began. While he guide them towards the truth of the game. Who will be later knows as God Retribution Sage *Disclaimer* This cover is not owned by me. Original owner may contact me on discord or comments on any chapter to take it down.


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