1 Great Explorer Ashok

"Hey, Ashok wake up. Ashok for how much more time are you going to sleep"

A young man lying on the bed wake up and slowly rubbed is eyes and looked around himself and found a middle aged man with a long beard and moustache yelling at him.

"Where am I? Who are you? asked at young boy as he looked at the middle aged man with confusion.

"I remembered correctly and I don't think it was a illusion.Getting chased by fellow players and getting killed due to a quest issued by the creator and finally dying by the hands of four heavenly Kings. Why am I still alive. Was all of that was just a dream or I am still dreaming"thought the young boy.

Seeing the confused face of the young man.

The middle aged sighed"You don't have to pretend that you have lost your memories.If I was not passing by the lake and saved from committing suicide by drowning in the lake. what would have happened?

I know you must to shocked and depressed; after all you tried your best and all villagers have high expectations from you. That you will become the first scholar from our village but you failed in passing the imperial academy exams. So what, life is just like that full of ups and downs. Just accept it and try again and again. After all you are still young and I believe you will definitely pass next time"said the middle aged man as he patted his head with a smile.

The young man was still confused and felt the man is familiar but still can't remember who is he.

"Get ready, You will have job as the teacher of the village school"said the middle aged man before he left the room leaving the door of the room open.

Seeing the middle aged man have left. The young man looked around the room.

Nothing much was in the room beside a bed, a book shelve.Beside his bed was a window from he can look out side and found that the moon can still be seen and their is still time before the morning.

"This man is crazy who awake someone so early in the morning before the sun rise"young man said in his heart with displease.

"But still where am I?Who is this man?

I don't think I am wrong. I really did died so how am I still alive"thinking so young man tried to recall his identity.

Ashok Sharma, the greatest explorer of God Retribution online. If anybody every want to get information about different quest, items, location or game history. They will seek for him. A man who is known throughout the player community and the topic of gossip among the NPC.

'Until I found the realm of sage and saints and learn about the shocking secrets about the creator of the game and his sinister plans.'

Just as he was thinking about his past and try to recall the details of the ancient texts from the realm of sage and saints and felt unbearable pain in his head and tightly hold his head with his hands as he felt like it's about to explode.

Cold sweat started to flow from his forehead and after sometime decided to stop and the pain slowly fade away.

"It seems something is stopping me from recalling the information about the realm of sage and saints"muttered Ashok as he try to relax his body and tried to focus on the issue before him and saw something which made him felt astonished. Because a dialogue box has appeared before his eyes.

"This... This..God Retribution online download pack"shouted Ashok in his heart as his whole body tremble

The only difference from his past was the option below the dialogue box has two options Continue or Cancel.

God Retribution Online a game which change his life forever and turning him from a ordinary person to a international celebrity.

Year 2021, He was a average high school student and went to sleep like everyone else and saw this dialogue box for the first time.


Welcome to God Retribution Online, your dream game who will let you explore the world of Antack and become a legend who will be remembered for generations.

He was so excited that time but he was not the only one who got this notification. Everyone around the world got his notification in their dream and this was the start of the legendary game which conquered the whole world.

The game from which no one can escape from; until you stop sleeping. Which mostly is not possible.

Many scientists in the beginning were trying to find the cause of such a dream but finally didn't found anything.

He remembered hearing rumours among his fellow players that some of his friends died while sleeping.

Which lead to created a major theory that God Retribution Online is the cause behind it, but later it was found that they were just suffering from incurable diseases.

But this rumours didn't stopped people from enjoying the game and there were benifit which others games cannot give.

Online game are always criticized for the harmful effects on the society and mentally of

person. But God Retribution Online was never criticized for that and it instead brought benefits to the society.

The status points you get in the game also effected the reality.

For example from a average student. Ashok turned into a genius in academic by increasing his intelligence stats.

Increasing his reasoning and analysis skill to new heights and completely all his studies to Master level within one year of time.

Remembering those past events and the smiling faces of his parents.

He had complicated feeling and look at the familiar but unfamiliar dialogue box.


[User please select your options will you continue with the installation of God Retribution Online or Cancel it. Please remember if you choose cancel it will never be installed again]

"In this unfamiliar world which I have entered without even knowing, what is the identity of the owner of the original body aside from that his name is same as mine and he decided to commit suicide because he failed in imperial academy exams which he heard from the middle aged man. He didn't know anything.

thought Ashok and look at the God Retribution Online. He never would have choose the occupation of Explorer in his past life. If he was not curious and full of adventure spirit to explore the mystery of the world.The increase in stat like intelligence was just the results of his occupation which demand high intelligence to analyse different things.

"It may be fate.Through I know this decision may cost my life like previous time but I just can't control my curiosity. What suprise will I get, if I install it"thinking so Ashok choose on the continue options.

Download starting....



Download completed.....

Installing additional information....

please wait.....

please wait....

Installing completed....

Ding, Ding, Ding

[Welcome to God Retribution Online]

Checking status.....

[Player: Ashok Sharma]

Identity confirmation....

Error... Error... Error

Identify not maching...

Checking the database.....

Checking the database.... please wait

Please wait....

Ding... File found...

Identity updated....

[NPC: Ashok Yadav]

(please check your status and permission below).....

Ashok was astonished and bewildered by the rows of red alert and error notification after all. God Retribution Online system is known for being flawless and never make mistakes.

"Look like even the system is not perfect"thinking so Ashok felt delighted.

Just installing the game has brought him many surprises not to mention his NPC status.

Thinking so Ashok looked at his updated status.

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