2815 Han Fei Seen Through at a Glance(4)

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"Greetings, Master Human Emperor."

When Han Fei and the others passed by the nearest shop, the boss was already waiting at the door. This shop specialized in the spiritual fruit business. Now this kind of fruit shop… Oh, no, spiritual fruit shop, was everywhere. People with capital were buying all kinds of spiritual fruits for those who had never tasted them.

Han Fei nodded slightly, then took two bananas from the booth and handed one to Luo Xiaobai. "Try it."

For Han Fei, although he was eating the bananas that grew from his body, he could still feel the pleasure of eating fruit.

Luo Xiaobai naturally wouldn't be polite. In addition to the banana, she also took a peach. She might not be interested in anything else, but she was interested in demon plants. She also wanted to see what Han Fei was up to and how effective this spiritual fruit was.

Han Fei said to the boss, "These are friends from afar. Give them one of each spiritual fruit."


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