1 Su Jingxing

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Yu Nation.

Changyang Prefecture, Qinghe City.

"Little Su, Little Su, wake up. It's time to work."

Su Jingxing, who was groggy from sleep, heard the call. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and looked at the big-faced young man beside the bed.

"Already?" he answered subconsciously.

"Yes, there's 15 minutes before our shift starts. Hurry up and go freshen up," said the big-faced young man.

With that said, he gave a funny look and smiled oddly. "Speaking of which, who's 'Wanrong'? Even in your dreams, you were calling out her name. She must be quite the looker, huh?"

"…You were hearing things," said Su Jingxing, yawning as he got out of bed.

"You can continue talking nonsense while I'll go wash up."

"Haha, getting shy?"

Looking pleased, the big-faced youth continued his teasing. "There's nothing to be shy about. I've been there before, the age where you start feeling things towards girls. It's normal to fall for pretty girls. There's no need to feel embarrassed about it, heh…"


Su Jingxing ignored him.

He put on his clothes and walked into the bathroom.

As he peed, he sighed faintly.

How he wished it was a pretty girl!

Unfortunately, Wanrong…

Or rather, it was Wan Rong!1

Not only was Wan Rong not a girl, he was his enemy.

Well, to be precise, the enemy of the original Su Jingxing!

That's right, Su Jingxing had transmigrated.

His soul had traveled from Earth to a planet known as "Earth Star" and occupied the body of Su Jingxing, who had just died.

Earth Star had its own technology, but unlike Earth, martial arts was everything here.

Powerful martial artists could single-handedly split mountains and part rivers, or even annihilate cities and nations.

Of course, this had nothing to do with the original Su Jingxing.

The original Su Jingxing was just an orphan who grew up in an orphanage.

Three months ago, he turned fifteen—the age required to leave the orphanage—and left for the streets to make a living through manual labor.

His goal was to rent a place of his own—a small house he could call home.

The original Su Jingxing lived frugally and worked hard.

As a result of over-exhaustion, he once fainted on the street while returning from work.

Fortunately, the owner of a small grocery store—Boss Wang—saved him in time.

Boss Wang was a good man; after learning about the original Su Jingxing's situation, he introduced him to a crematorium where few people were willing to stay. There, he was offered the job of a corpse collector, and began moving corpses around all day long.

Although the job required him to deal with corpses, it provided food and accommodation, as well as a monthly salary of a thousand Great Yu dollars. The original Su Jingxing was very satisfied.

Three days ago, after receiving his first month's pay, he excitedly bought a bunch of delicious food on the way back as a present for Boss Wang.

When he reached Boss Wang's store, he discovered to his surprise that a new owner had taken over.

He inquired about the previous owner's whereabouts—and learned that Boss Wang had been killed.

Not only was Boss Wang killed, but his wife and daughter as well.

The one who murdered them was a martial artist named Wan Rong!

The original Su Jingxing was taken aback.

When he got back to the crematorium, he was in a stupor.

As a result, while he was moving a corpse up the stairs, he missed his footing and fell. Death came swiftly when his head hit the ground, and that was when Su Jingxing transmigrated into his body and assumed control.

Even though he died, his obsession did not dissipate.

Kill Wan Rong and avenge Boss Wang!

That was the obsession of the original Su Jingxing.

A favor of a drop of water ought to be repaid with a gushing spring.

The kindness that Boss Wang had shown was enough reason for the original Su Jingxing to pledge vengeance.

But this had nothing to do with Su Jingxing!

Wan Rong was a martial artist; what could an ordinary person like Su Jingxing do to him?

Helplessness was all he could feel.

Yet, there wasn't anything he could do, so Su Jingxing chose to go with the flow.

As a newcomer, he hadn't fully adapted to the situation yet.

The original Su Jingxing was happy with being a corpse collector, but not current Su Jingxing.

On Earth Star, the crematorium had very important functions, and its workers worked shifts all day and night to keep it operating.

When Su Jingxing woke up, it was still dark outside. It was three in the morning, but he had to go to the morgue to move corpses. Just thinking about it made his hair stand on end.

But he had no other choices.

The crematorium had strict rules, and Su Jingxing had already rested in the dormitory for two days, giving the excuse that he had a headache. If he continued to not show up at work, he would definitely get fired.

Getting fired now would mean ending up homeless.

After debating about it at length, he braced himself for work.

At the very least, the big-faced young man was there to keep him company.

The big-faced young man was Kong Dabao, Su Jingxing's roommate-slash-partner.

There were a total of three teams at the Western District Crematorium. Each team consisted of six members, and they worked in groups of two.

Su Jingxing and Kong Dabao were in Group Two of Team One.

Earth Star adopted pro-natalist policies, and one could get married at the age of eighteen.

As a result, every region had a large population.

More people meant more conflicts, and correspondingly, more death.

Gang fights, murder for profit, accidental death, illness…

All these led to corpses being transported to the crematorium every day.

Business was booming, and the crematorium remained brightly lit even at three in the morning.

For the sake of convenience, the crematorium's staff dormitory and canteen were less than a hundred meters away from the working area. Luckily, the air was kept clean through special air-purifying techniques.

After a few minutes of walking, Su Jingxing and Kong Dabao arrived at the working area.

In the changing room, the two of them slipped into their work clothes before heading to relieve the previous group. After some additional preparation, they stepped into the morgue.

Kong Dabao led the way, and Su Jingxing tagged behind him. Mechanically, they approached a corpse…

[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]


Su Jingxing paused.

For some reason, a notification had popped up in his head.

Could it be…

"What's the matter, Little Su?" asked Kong Dabao, confused by Su Jingxing's inaction.

"Oh, it's nothing."

Putting aside the questions in his mind, Su Jingxing came back to his senses.

Together with Kong Dabao, they loaded a corpse into a bag.

At the crematorium, if the corpse belonged to someone who had relatives, a farewell ceremony would be arranged before the cremation.

Otherwise, they would go straight into the incinerator.

A good example of the latter would be the corpse that lay in Su Jingxing and Kong Dabao's cart, which no one had come forward to identify.

These types of corpses were easier to deal with; they could just load them onto a cart and send them to the incinerator room.

Nothing strange happened during the trip, though there was some exertion involved.

After all, corpses were considerably heavy.

By now, Su Jingxing had grown somewhat comfortable with the job.

It wasn't as scary as he had imagined, and it provided enough for him to settle down temporarily.

In fact, not only was he no longer afraid, he was starting to get interested.

[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]

The notification that intruded Su Jingxing's mind stuck with him, all the way until the corpse was inside the incinerator room.

What's going on?

Having put everything together, Su Jingxing had a hunch.

However, he needed to verify it.

And the way to do that was easy—he just had to continue moving corpses!

As he had expected…

[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]

[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]

Every time Su Jingxing got close to a corpse, the same notification popped up in his head.

And once he got further away from the corpse, the notification faded away.

This validated Su Jingxing's assumption; he shared the same trait as all other transmigrators.

He too had some form of a cheat ability!

And it was related to corpses.

"Would you like to extract it?" What exactly was "it" referring to?

Su Jingxing didn't know, but was nonetheless excited.

However, knowing that Kong Dabao was beside him, Su Jingxing suppressed his excitement and did not spill the beans.

If something big were to happen during the extraction process, he would have a hard time talking his way out of it, not to mention the increased risk.

With that in mind, Su Jingxing waited patiently.

It was not until the sun had risen that Kong Dabao headed for the toilet, leaving Su Jingxing alone. Swiftly, he walked into the morgue and stopped before a random body.

[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]


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