1 I Can See My Talent Information?! Three “SSS”s In A Row At The Beginning!

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In the boundless void,


Enoch opened his eyes.


"I've been transmigrated?"


He scanned his surroundings, where countless glowing spheres floated in the void.


At the same time, massive information surged into his mind, fusing with his memories!


Enoch now understands his current situation.


The world he had been transmigrated to had been invaded by an alien force called the Netherworld. The power of the Netherworld had far surpassed that of the universe he was in.


At the same time, billions of people had been chosen to become [Divine Tree Masters].


Just as Enoch was sorting through the information in his mind, a voice whose gender was hardly distinguishable came from the void.


"Congratulations player, you have been qualified for the game. Welcome to the Game of Divine Tree!"


"You will get an independent island where you could plant the Divine Trees to resist the invasion of the Netherworld forces!"


"Before the game starts, players can choose three talents here."




As the voice passed away, the void resumed silence.


Island... planting the Divine Tree?


This was the source of the power of the Divine Tree Masters. After listening to the explanation of the Divine Tree Space, Enoch had a better understanding of the Divine Tree Master.


Roughly speaking, before players entered the island, they could choose three different talents. The difference in talents would also affect the attributes of the Divine Tree.


"To become a Divine Tree Master, does one have to rely on luck at the beginning?"


Enoch laughed bitterly. According to the sound from the void, the Devine Tree Masters planted the Divine Trees to resist the invasion of the Netherworld.


If he did not choose the right talents at the beginning, he would die very quickly after the invasion. 


As for choosing talents, Enoch looked towards the void filled with glowing spheres.


These glowing spheres should represent the different talents. With a thought, Enoch's body floated towards the void where the glowing spheres were, planning to choose his talents.


All glowing spheres were bounded within a barrier. The moment Enoch stepped into the barrier, the voice from the void appeared again.


"After players choose three glowing spheres, they will be transported to the island they belong to."


"At that time, you can open your character panel and check your Talent Attributes."


"Talents are divided into nine classes from high to low: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, and F."


"Wish you good luck."


Sure enough, it was not far from Enoch's guess. The choice of talents was basically up to luck.


Enoch continued to drift toward the inner space of a glowing sphere. He felt that some good stuff should be hidden in the depths of this space.


However, when he approached a blue glowing sphere, a notification appeared before him.


[Golden Harvest (class E): there is a chance to increase the fruit yield by 1.]


Seeing this notification, Enoch was stunned for a moment. Then, a look of ecstasy Flashed across his face.


"I can actually see the notification of the talents!"


According to the Divine Tree Space, all players had to enter the island before they could check their own talents.


And Enoch was actually able to see the talent information before he made the choices, so he was extremely happy of course.


Meanwhile, the choices of talents by other players still depend on pure luck!


But since Enoch had this ability, he would be able to choose whatever talent he wanted!!


This talent space didn't limit the time for his choice, so he could definitely choose the strongest combination of talents here!


Enoch's interest was aroused instantly, and he hurriedly to view the glowing spheres one by one.


After viewing most of the talents, Enoch found there were some biases in the ratios of the talents!


F class and E class glowing spheres were the most common. In this space, almost 70% of the glowing spheres were of these classes.


With talents at this level, a Divine Tree could only produce ordinary fruits. At most, it could only produce a little more fruit.


As for the fruits with special abilities, don't even think about them!


Hence, F and E classes were the dividing line between common and powerful talents.


The next level was from class D to class A. With this level of talents, a Devine Tree could produce all kinds of exotic items and fruits with special abilities.


All kinds of exotic power, weapons, and items that could only appear in novels, anime, and games were on the production list of the Devine Trees.


The higher the talent level, the stronger the fruits were!


Finally, there were talents above class S. There were very few talent spheres like these in the space, and they only took up 3% at most.


To come across a talent of this rank by sheer chance could basically be a fantasy.


However, Enoch, who had the ability to view the talent information, only had SSS class talents in his eyes!


For an SSS class Talent, as long as he chose one, the ability produced by the Devine Tree would be as powerful as cheats!


But for Enoch, "Sorry, I want all of them!"


Taking a deep breath, Enoch, highly excited, began to wander around the space it was filled with glowing spheres.


Even though Enoch's eyes were tired of the numerous glowing spheres, he was happy.


Sure enough, hard work paid off!


A moment later,


A golden glowing sphere appeared before Enoch.


When he got closer, the information that appeared made Enoch's eyes lighted up. Even his fatigue was swept away!


[Hundredfold Enhancement (class SSS): sunlight absorption rate * 100, growth rate * 100, production rate * 100...]


"I'll take you!"


Enoch chose [Hundredfold Enhancement] without hesitation!


After entering the space, the Divine Tree Master would obtain a Divine Tree sapling. When the Divine Tree was in its sapling, its productivity would be low naturally.


However, with the [Hundredfold Enhancement], his Divine Tree would have a hundredfold growth rate, a hundredfold productivity...!... It could help Enoch pass the early stages of the game quickly!


Moreover, with the help of this talent, he would not meet with any problems in the later stages of his growth!


"As expected, an SSS class talent!"


The moment he saw the [Hundredfold Enhancement], Enoch understood how huge the gap between SSS class talents and other talents was.


It was like a natural chasm!


The remaining two talents naturally had to be SSS class, too!




Finally, after floating for an unknown amount of time,


Enoch had finally found the rest two talents.


He had even discarded an SSS class talent called [Divine Weapon Giant Tree], which could produce all kinds of world-class Divine Weapons!


The reason for his abandonment was that he felt things like Divine Weapons were too many and had no place to be used, and the price-performance ratio was too low!


The final three talents he chose were [Hundredfold Enhancement], [Fruit of Myriad Realms], and [Revival of Spring].


[Fruit of Myriad Realms] could produce all kinds of fruits with special abilities. The Fruit of Life could even give birth to myriad creatures!


At that time, Enoch only needed to let his creatures fight and guard in the rear himself!


Together with the [Hundredfold Enhancement] talent, this combination could only be described as invincible!


The last talent, [Revival of Spring], was the finishing touch of the first two talents!


This talent could use the produced fruits as seeds and bury them underground, giving birth to extra fruit trees, and the number of harvested fruits * 100!


[Revival of Spring] meant Enoch having extra fruit trees in addition to the Divine Tree.


Although this fruit tree could only produce the same kind of fruit, in every harvest he could obtain100 fruits!


Now, it wasn't hard to see.


Enoch wanted to develop a cluster of armies, which were commonly seen in online games!


How dare he participate in the war in person? Who knew what dangers were in the Netherworld!


Therefore, Enoch's plan was to cultivate all his creatures into the strongest existences and enter the Netherworld to explore for him!


As for Enoch himself? He could just be a big shot behind the scenes!


As the three talents were selected,


A sense of weightlessness came up to him. The game of the Divine Tree started officially!

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