Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

"Waking up from sleep, Ye Feng realized that he had transmigrated to a world where the cities had awakened and the whole world lived in symbiotic relations. Every young person of age would choose a symbiote that was compatible with them. Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Ancient Great Dragon of the Origins. After they matured, they could shatter the earth with their dragon breaths. Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Twelve Winged Flaming Angel. After they matured, their sacred light shone upon the world. Some people built a root-level symbiotic relationship with Succubuses. After they matured, they became insanely attractive and charmed the world. However, Ye Feng’s symbiote was the most unremarkable creature, a Slime?! Fortunately, he activated the system and awakened the six great sequences at the beginning! [Perception]: Your ability to sense danger and opportunities is amplified significantly. [Devour]: You can devour any living being that is smaller than yourself to increase the size of your own body. [Split]: You can split your body into smaller parts. Each part will retain part of the initial body’s abilities. [Regenerate]: The recovery capabilities of your various stats are amplified significantly, at the same time your adaptability is increased rapidly as well. [Mimic]: Your symbiote will evolve at an accelerated pace. Every time it evolves, there is a chance that it can awaken a new ability. Watch how Ye Feng’s Slime grows to rule the world in the end...

Blue Soft Dough · Fantasy
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708 Chs

Slime Symbiote, Maximum Compatibility!

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"Students, please be prepared and enter the hall in an orderly manner."

"When choosing an appropriate symbiotic body in the symbiotic pool, please bear in mind the following points."

"One, you only have one hour after entering the symbiotic pool. Please bear this in mind."

"Two, during the symbiotic process, if the symbiote entity resists, please remember not to try violent symbiosis."

"Three, in the symbiotic pool, you are not allowed to do anything that interferes with someone's symbiosis. If you are found out, you will be severely punished!"

"Finally, I wish all of you can obtain your own symbiotic entity!"

Wuzhou City's No. 2 High School, in a corner of the Symbiotic Pool Hall.

Ye Feng's eyes were dull as he looked ahead.

The crowd was bustling, and the crowd was excited.

After an unknown amount of time, he suddenly came back to his senses and shouted, "F*ck!"

"I've transmigrated!"

Looking at the familiar scene around him, a piercing pain struck him, and countless memories suddenly emerged.

Not only had he transmigrated, but he had also returned to his high school days.

As for the teachers and classmates, they were all exactly the same in his memories!

The only difference was that...

The worldview here completely overturned Ye Feng's understanding.

This was a parallel world of global awakening.

All kinds of living creatures and non-living creatures would undergo varying degrees of mutation at a certain stage.

Strangely, only humans were not affected by the awakening.

Darwin's theory of evolution, which had always been advocated, was also overturned along with the Great Man Chuannai's theory of human symbiosis.

All 18-year-olds could enter the symbiosis pool and get a chance to choose a soul-compatible symbiote!

Through symbiosis with other species, humans could obtain the corresponding special ability of the species.

Although the symbiote body be could be chosen by yourself, it was not the case that the stronger the body, the better. Ultimately, it still depended on one's adaptability.

The specific species of the symbiote depended on each person's adaptability. The higher the adaptability, the greater the room for growth in the future.

Some of the chosen ones, after fusing with a Giant Dragon, would possess a terrifying power that could move mountains and fill seas. They could even contend against nuclear weapons!

Some people, however, could only coexist with cats and dogs. Their abilities were not eye-catching, and they declined from then on.

There were also some who defied the heavens and changed their fate. Through the opportunity of late-stage cultivation, they leaped up and reached the peak of their abilities.

In this world, only powerful symbiotes were truly superior to others.

In addition, with the recovery of Earth's spiritual energy, danger lurked everywhere!

Only symbiotes had the ability to fight against it.

And with the degree of mutation, there were also different grades, from high to low, and in turn, S, A, B, C, D, E, F.

Each grade also had a detailed division, such as within the F grade, there were F+, F, and F-.

Therefore, symbiotes had already exceeded normal legal restrictions.

Even if they had committed a heinous crime, ordinary courts were not qualified to judge them.

They had to conduct a special trial through the Symbiote Organization.

For ordinary people, the only chance of symbiosis this time was exceptionally precious.

After understanding all of this, Ye Feng also began to look forward to it.

Because today, the reason why he appeared here was because he had just turned 18 and entered the symbiotic pool to choose a symbiotic body!


"Ye Feng, are you afraid..."

His gay friend, Zhang Yun's face was deathly pale as he forced a smile at Ye Feng.

"It will definitely go smoothly, right?"

"Yes." Ye Feng nodded.

Hearing Ye Feng's affirmative answer, Zhang Yun's expression recovered a little.

Actually, both of them knew that it was really too difficult to find a suitable symbiotic body.

Although the teachers had taught them too many things to pay attention to and some techniques during the class.

But those were just words. When they really reached the symbiotic pool, it was difficult for them to remain calm as they had never experienced symbiosis before.

Unknowingly, the symbiotic pool had been opened.

The people who were waiting in the hall, under the guidance of the teachers, began to enter the symbiotic pool according to class.

The symbiotic pool in Wuzhou No. 2 High School could support 50 people to co-exist at the same time, and each wave of symbiosis time was fixed at one hour.

In other words, a class could enter at the same time.

Ye Feng's class was the fourth wave.

According to the time, it would be their turn after four hours.

As wave after wave of students entered the symbiotic pool, most of them were shaken and walked out shortly after.

They either did not have a suitable symbiote entity, or they had a very weak symbiote entity.

As the number of students increased, everyone finally realized the extent of the tragedy of the symbiotic pool.

The first two waves were completely annihilated.

This time, Ye Feng was completely dumbfounded.

At this moment, the entire hall fell into a deathly silence.

The students' faces were ashen, forming a stark contrast with the excitement and anticipation from before.

Finally, in the third wave, some people came out happily.

Time passed bit by bit, and it was finally Ye Feng's turn.

Ye Feng and the others followed the guidance and came to the side of the symbiotic pool.

The instructor briefly said a few things to take note of. Following a burst of light, everyone's consciousness suddenly became drowsy.

Their consciousness entered an indescribable world.

This was a chaotic space. The surrounding elements were constantly flowing, and Ye Feng could clearly feel it.

Suddenly, in an instant.

The origin of all things on Earth was like a slide, all appearing and flashing.

Countless types and countless creatures all came into view at once.

Ye Feng's consciousness concentrated, and his consciousness concentrated among the extraordinary creatures without explanation.

Angels, Titans, Dragons, and even Demons and other mythical creatures.

All of them became Ye Feng's first choice.

Then, with a thought, a pair of blazing red eyes of a Titan Giant Ape appeared before his eyes.

In an instant, an overwhelming power suddenly attacked!

Ye Feng was shocked and immediately withdrew his thoughts.

He understood that such an extraordinary creature could not become his symbiote partner.

Fortunately, he retracted his thoughts in time, or else he would be reduced to ashes on the spot!

"As expected, it's better to accept my own normalcy..." Ye Feng sighed and kept lowering his requirements.

But without exception, there were no suitable symbiotes for him.

Just as Ye Feng was frowning...

In his mind, a voice that he had not heard for a long time appeared.

[Ding, God-Level Deduction System activated!]

[The host is currently selecting a symbiote in the symbiotic pool. Do you wish to proceed with the deduction of the most suitable symbiote?]

After hearing the voice, Ye Feng was immediately energized.

"Begin deduction!" Ye Feng was extremely happy and shouted repeatedly.

[Ding! Deduction begins!]

[Starting deduction of beast-type symbiotes... End deducting. There is no suitable symbiote!]

[Starting deduction of bird-type symbiotes... End deducing. There is no suitable symbiote!]

[Starting deduction of fish-type symbiotes...]

[Starting deduction of insect...]

[Starting deduction of plant... 12% adaptability to symbiotic partner!]

[Starting deduction of elements... 0.1% adaptability...]

[Starting deduction of alien-type... 20% adaptability...]


[Deduction completed. 350 billion 70 million deductions completed!]

[A total of 1.9 million symbiotes are available for the host to choose from.]

After a few minutes, the system's deduction finally came to an end.

Seeing this result, Ye Feng was dumbfounded.

One had to know that when they judged whether symbiosis was suitable or not, they needed to carry out a preliminary trial of symbiosis. In other words, each symbiote had to be tried before they knew which was the most suitable.

If there was no system's deduction...

Just 1.9 million results were enough to tire him out.

The results deduced were enough.

But even after deducing all the non-living symbiotes, there was no symbiote with adaptability higher than 50%.

Casually flipping through the results and seeing the creatures that appeared on it, Ye Feng immediately frowned.

Most of the creatures on it were weak symbiotes, or some unhelpful symbiotes.

Most importantly, even the weakest symbiote only had a mere 40% adaptability.

"With this adaptability of less than half, if I forcefully start symbiosis, wouldn't I become cold on the spot?"

Just as Ye Feng was feeling disheartened...

He suddenly saw a very dreamy number at the bottom of the very small [Magical Sticky Spiritual Body] list.

[Compatibility: 100%!]

[Compatible symbiotic body object -- Slime!]