3 Golden Legend

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Chris could accept his initial attributes.

Although the other attributes looked ordinary, he had 10 Intelligence.

The Intelligence Points that had been maxed out were the greatest respect for Mages or Sorcerers.

Extreme points!

Furthermore, this was only the initial attribute. He could add more points in the later stages.

After looking at the characteristic panel, Chris locked his gaze on his backpack.

Every player who entered the game would have a Novice Gift Package.

This gift package was similar to some online games in his previous life.

The Initial Gift Package was Bronze-grade. After opening it, it became Silver-grade.

Only after the corresponding conditions were met would it open again.

The Bronze-grade gift packages were filled with basic items.

One basic equipment, one basic skill book and 100 Bronze Coins.

These were all prepared for new players in the game.

Otherwise, novices could only catch chickens with their bare hands.

At this thought, Chris opened the Bronze Gift package.

"Congratulations to the host for successfully triggering the ten-thousand-fold reward system."

"The game rewards have changed."

"You have obtained a S-grade Skill Book [Fury of Thunder]."

"You have obtained the Epic equipment [Merlin's Gift]."

"You have received gold x10."

He was pleasantly surprised! The system truly lived up to its name!

The few prompts shocked Chris again.

A mere Bronze Gift Package could actually get an Epic Equipment.

In this game, the level of equipment and talent skills were different.

The equipment in the game was divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Epic, Legendary and God-grade equipment.

Similarly, an Epic-grade equipment was invincible in the early stages of the game.

And that [S] class skill book.

In his previous life, even in the later stages of the game, [S] class skill books were not easy to obtain.

The requirements to obtain Skill Books limited the appearance of high-level Skill Books.

In Godslayer, most of the skill books were purchased or rewarded for missions.

Chris had heard of [Fury of Thunder] in his previous life.

As a jack of all trades skill, [Fury of Thunder] not only had high damage but it could also jump between group skills and single target skills.

It was a mature semi-automatic skill.

In his previous life, it was very difficult for Chris to obtain these two items before the middle stage of the game.

Of course, there were also Gold Coins.

In the Beginner's Village, one silver coin was enough for him to walk around freely.

Because very few people could save up one silver coin in the Beginner Village.

Other than contributing considerable experience points, the wild monsters outside were not very rich.

Of course, this was also related to luck.

He understood everything…

Godslayer's Gold Coin exchange rule was 100 Silver Coins for one Gold Coin.

100 Bronze Coins for one Silver Coin.

Thus, Chris now had 10,0000 Copper Coins.

A mountain of copper coins.

He would not say he was very rich but relative to everyone, he was very wealthy.

'Any store in the Beginner Village. I can afford all'

Empty the store ahead of time. He could buy whatever he wished.

He drank a bottle of blue medicine and threw it away.

Weapons and equipment. He could buy one, reserve one, store another.

"With the system, I will bid farewell to the mafia."

Chris looked at the backpack and praised it.

He was too happy to know the attributes of the equipment.

However, you get what you pay for. Epic-grade equipment wouldn't be too bad.

[Merlin's Gift]

[Equipment Level: 1]

[Quality: Epic]

[Attack Power: 300]

Equipment bonus attributes:

1. Gift: There is a 10% chance of recovering 20 mana points when attacking.

2. Blessing: Intelligence+1.

3. Affinity: Cast Speed+1

Durability: 100 / 100

Introduction: Young player, this is a gift from the Sorcerer… May the Sorcerer's glory illuminate your journey…

This honorable Sorcerer, Qiaoqiao, was generous.

After wearing the equipment, Chris's damage figures exploded.

He was now a new Level 1 player.

Other novices could only deal 20 points of damage.

Chris could only deal much more above 20 points of damage.

After equipping [Merlin's Gift], Chris took out the Skill Book [Fury of Thunder].

In the game, skills and equipment were the same. There was no need to learn anything.

With a flash of golden light, his characteristic panel immediately changed.

[Prompt: Fury of Thunder has been learned. Job skill activated]

Following the notification, the interface popped up.

[Fury of Thunder]

[Grade: S]

[Skill Level: 1]

[Effect: It can release lightning attacks on a target within a specified range. Skill Critical Hit increases basic damage by 50%. There is a 30% chance of triggering paralysis. There is a 10% chance of producing a critical hit.]

[Cooldown: Talent Reduction]

Magic Power Consumption: 10 points

Introduction: A necessary skill for Lightning Mages. You can't buy it, but you can't buy it…

This skill was powerful when it came to killing monsters.

It was indeed an essential skill for Sorcerers.

With this skill, they were separated from each other.

Chris couldn't wait to unleash Fury of Thunder on the jungle.

He did as he was told.

Chris exited the resurrection point and headed straight for the potion shop.

He spent 30,0000 copper coins to buy 999 sets of MP recovery potions.

They were all the best potions in the store.

Of course, it was also the best medicine in the store.

Chris immediately bought out the goods.

It couldn't be helped. The pharmaceutical shops in the Beginner's Village weren't even as rich as the pharmaceutical merchants roaming around the city.

However, after buying the potion, Chris was temporarily unable to leave the village.

Not that Chris hadn't finished shopping.

Instead, if he wanted to farm monsters around the village without any external missions, he needed to be level 2.

Chris immediately found the village leader.

After a series of boring beginner lessons, Chris could finally take on missions in the village.

Unlike what Chris thought.

Most of the players chose to stay in the village.

Helping Li Tiemu of the village to send Liu Cuihua a love letter.

Find the missing cat for Mrs. Wong.

Helping the blacksmith build a fire.

In short, it was just some daily tasks of caring for the elderly.

Those who needed to go out to gather herbs and hunt were never accepted.

Everyone was watching.

They were all waiting for the warriors to appear.

Let's see if the warrior can come back alive after accepting the mission.

It was not their fault for being timid.

He was still exploring the game.

No one knew what was outside the village, whether it was dangerous or not.

No one knew if they could be revived after death.

Therefore, everyone had a tacit understanding…

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