23 The Scarlet Lord Also Has A Lord Talent?

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Half an hour later, more than 600 soldiers stood in the desert with nine mechanostrider and nine homemade simple wooden carts.

The leader was a handsome young man riding a mechanostrider. A black and red dragon half the height of a human stood beside him.

The 601 soldiers behind the young man looked unto him with respect.

When they saw the black and red dragon, they could not help but look surprised.

"Is this the Legendary dragon race?"

"It looks so domineering."

"His Lordship is really powerful. He can even subdue the dragon race."

"Silence!" Bai Yi said sternly to the soldiers.

Then, she rode on the mechanostrider towards Zhou Zhou.

"My Lord, this is the territory of the Scarlet Lord." She said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded and looked into the distance.

A simple and crude territory stood a kilometer away.

He could vaguely see a few buildings with different styles.

About 200 Desert Fog Lizards were densely packed around these buildings, just as Bai Yi had reported.

"There's no cover. Looks like we can't launch a sneak attack this time."

"However, this Desert Fog Lizard Leader's territory doesn't have a Novice Lord protection barrier. There's probably no need for a sneak attack." Zhou Zhou pondered.

Then, he turned to look at the soldiers behind him.

"Is everything ready?"

"Yes!" The soldiers roared in unison, their voices shaking the clouds.

It even alarmed the distant Desert Fog Lizard territory.

The Desert Fog Lizards seemed to have smelled something bad and crawled over with hostility.

Zhou Zhou did not mind.

He had wanted to attack head-on anyway.

"Then I won't waste my breath! You've slaughtered these reptiles countless times. You should be confident that they are not your match! Charge… And destroy them!" Zhou Zhou shouted.


"Kill them!"

"Destroy these reptiles!"

The soldiers roared and rushed out.

Only five Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade soldiers and the Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade doctor remained beside Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou jumped down from the mechanostrider and patted Nezario's head.

Nezario had doubled in size in less than two days to his surprise. He wondered what Nezario would be like when it reached its peak.

"Don't be impatient. Wait for their leader to emerge. That's when you hunt." Zhou Zhou said.

Nezario nodded excitedly and expectantly.

However, its body still emitted wisps of red steam that smelled of sulfur.

In the distance, the soldiers led by Bai Yi had already encountered the Desert Fog Lizards that had run over to check on the situation.

These Desert Fog Lizards were crushed by the soldiers and died without knowing how they died.

At the same time, the Desert Fog Lizards in their own territory looked at the torrent of soldiers rushing over from afar and were instantly stunned.

However, they were bloodthirsty by nature and did not know what fear was. Hence, they stuck out their tongues and glared at the charging soldiers.

At this moment, in the center of the territory.




In a wooden house with a savage and bloody style, a scarlet Desert Fog Lizard that was three to four meters tall and more than 10 meters long slowly crawled out.

It looked at the soldiers rushing over from afar and was suddenly furious.


What an angry roar!

All the Desert Fog Lizards, which seemed to have received an order, waved their limbs and charged fearlessly at Zhou Zhou's soldiers.

In the distance, Zhou Zhou narrowed his eyes and looked at the Desert Fog Lizard leader.

A text notification appeared.

[Monster Name: Desert Fog Lizard Leader - Xue Cha (Scarlet Lord)]

[Strength Level: Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Monster Description: One of the three Scarlet Lords of the Blazing Sun Desert. It has many Desert Fog Lizard subjects under his command. He has obtained powerful strength after gaining favor with the Scarlet Lord.]

[Loots: 10 units of Green Bronze-Tier Mist Core (Drop Rate: 100%), one unit to 100 units of Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard Leader's flesh (Drop Rate: 20% to 0.1%), 100 kg of water bags (Drop Rate: 3%), one Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade "Sand Trap Technique" skill book (Drop Rate: 0.1%), five gradeless Sword Shield Warrior Class Change Certificate (Drop Rate: 0.1%), three Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade Sword Shield Warrior Recruitment Book (Drop Rate: 0.1%), one Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade alchemy potion formula "Blood Eye" (Drop Rate: 0.1%), one White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade Scarlet Lord Talent Sphere (Drop Rate: 0%)]

There were many loots that could be dropped.

Among these loots, the one that attracted Zhou Zhou the most was undoubtedly the last one.

When he saw the last loot, Zhou Zhou was stunned.

Scarlet Lord Lord Talent Sphere?

The Scarlet Lord also had a Lord Talent?

At the same time, Nezario, which was originally beside him, was nowhere to be seen.

In the distance, the main forces of both sides quickly collided.

An intense battle was about to break out.

The Desert Fog Lizards pounced, bit, hissed, crashed…

All kinds of barbaric combat techniques were used.

On the other side, the Sword Shield Soldier used the sword shield combination technique to defend and counterattack in an orderly manner.

Lu Chong brandished his spear like a dragon, slaughtering his way through the monsters.

The crossbowman stood not far away and drew his crossbow. One arrow could seriously injure a Desert Fog Lizard.

Bai Yi's performance was the most eye-catching.

She dotted around the edge of the battlefield like the wind on her mechanostrider. She was like a green God of Death, reaping the lives of the Desert Fog Lizards. She relied on her mount's mobility, accurate crossbow skills, and powerful strength.

Even those who were lucky enough to survive were quickly poisoned to the ground by the poison from the crossbow bolts or killed by other soldiers.



"Bastard monster! I'll kill you!"

"Hiss hiss!"

The sounds of weapons entering the body, the roars of monsters, curses, collisions…

All sorts of chaotic sounds could be heard.

The center of the battlefield had become a bloody meat grinder.

However, Zhou Zhou still had the advantage.

There were more of them, and they were also wearing military equipment that could effectively defend against most of the sharp claws and teeth of the Desert Fog Lizards.

It could even withstand the impact of some monsters' collisions.

Desert Fog Lizard Territory.

The Desert Fog Lizard leader narrowed its eyes.

Its gaze fell on the crowd, then it suddenly stomped on the gravel under its feet.

A few hundred meters away.

The soldiers who were fighting hard suddenly realized that the desert under their feet was quickly sinking into a huge pit four to five meters deep.

Unable to maintain their balance, they fell one after another and more than ten soldiers were injured immediately:

The Desert Fog Lizard leader raised its claws, wanting to do the same thing again.

Suddenly, it felt heat above its head. It looked up only to see a one-meter-long dragon swooning down from the sky.


An invisible and terrifying pressure emitted from this dragon and instantly descended on the body and soul of the Desert Fog Lizard leader.

Dragon's Might!

At this moment, the leader of the Desert Fog Lizards trembled. It couldn't even escape.

Its eyes were filled with fear while Excitement flashed in Nezario's eyes.

It suddenly swooped down.

This scene was like a world-famous painting.

There was clearly a world of difference between their sizes.

Nezario was like a hunter, while the huge Desert Fog Lizard leader was like a helpless rabbit.

In the face of the impending life and death crisis, it could do nothing other than tremble!

The next second, the moment the two sides approached each other.

Nezario suddenly stopped in midair and suddenly opened its mouth.

A faint red light appeared from its throat.

The surging hot Magma Dragon Breath spewed out of its mouth and covered the head of the Desert Fog Lizard leader in the blink of an eye.

Three to four seconds later there was a loud bang.

The Desert Fog Lizard leader fell to the ground weakly.

The part of its head had been burned away by the Magma Dragon Breath, leaving only drops of lava dripping from its neck.

Two lines of text appeared in front of Zhou Zhou not far away.

[Your pet Lava Dragon - Nezario has killed the Desert Fog Lizard Leader (Scarlet Lord) - Xue Cha. Promotion energy +20! Loots have been condensed!]

[The territory of the Scarlet Lord has become ownerless. You can plunder or occupy it!]

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