Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

Everyone transmigrated to the High Continent and became a Lord to participate in the conquest between Lords from all the other races. A few lucky Lords would receive Lord Talents. “Hah! My talent is the Knight’s Hall, a Diamond-Tier Lord Talent! My subjects can job change into a unique warrior class, the Combat Spirit Knight!” “My Lord Talent is the King of Abyss. I can summon demons to become my subjects!” “I have a lot of subjects who are scientists! I can create advanced technologies!” “My Talent allows me to cultivate! I’ll become a celestial!” Zhou Zhou received a Legendary-Tier Lord Talent — 100% drop rate! Not only could he see the things he would receive from an enemy, but his enemies would drop all of their loot when they were defeated. “Watch as I make you drop your Talents!”

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In the Shrine.

The God Attendant brought Zhou Zhou to an open-air palace.

In this palace, a Divine Wolf that was more than a thousand meters tall and snow-white with a snowflake divine pattern between its eyebrows was entrenched here.

It did not move.

However, the divine might naturally released was enough to make countless life forms tremble in fear.

At this moment, Ze Wu raised its wolf head and stared coldly at Zhou Zhou with its ice-blue eyes.

"Greetings, Lord Ze Wu." Zhou Zhou said neither servile nor overbearing in the face of the God Spirit's direct gaze.

Ze Wu did not say anything. "He" looked at Zhou Zhou and gradually became surprised.

This was because the current Zhou Zhou clearly only had the strength of an Epic-Tier Elementary Grade, but he actually gave "Him" a faint sense of threat.

It was as if the other party could threaten his life.

This intuition made Ze Wu feel that it was ridiculous.