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Girl Of Cinder


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In a serene village modernized by technology near the ocean, where fishing is the primary occupation, Lucinda, a girl living peacefully with her adopted mother, works at the bakery every day with her best friend, showcasing her talent for baking pastries. One day, a mysterious man with a distinctive scar on his face triggers unsettling memories of a little girl in Lucinda's mind. Soon after, an unexpected accident disrupts the tranquility of her routine. Fate intervenes as Lucinda crosses paths with someone who holds the key to unraveling the recurring dreams haunting her. Unbeknownst to her and her mother, her case, deemed unsolvable, is reopened by the police department's top officers, who annually tackle cold cases. Lucinda develops a bond with the person in charge of her case, who, having saved her life during an accident, becomes a confidant. Simultaneously, she undergoes therapy and forms a close connection with her therapist, who, despite having a fiancée, falls deeply in love with her. The narrative takes a dramatic turn when Lucinda, in the midst of hallucinations, nearly drowns, and her therapist, coincidentally present, rescues her. Subsequently, he harbors sinister intentions, plotting to kidnap Lucinda for himself. As events spiral out of control, Lucinda must piece together her fragmented memories, escaping a second kidnapping and confronting an uncertain future. The story reaches its climax when the police, aided by Lucinda's mother, locate and rescue her, unraveling a major trafficking ring in the process. Lucinda's journey is one of self-discovery, resilience, and the triumph of justice over dark forces. discord:@trinit33 book cover design: canva