22 Sports Festival-Vs Todoroki (2)

" Gilgamesh Lionheart, today I will defeat you" Todoroki as walked up to the stage

"I don't know defeat, " Gilgamesh said with an expressionless face

" Is that some kinda joke? " Todoroki though it is one of his jokes but his serious face makes him unsure

" I have never been defeated, " Gil said out loud

In students stands

" Is that true momo? " Denki asked

Everyone looked at Momo for an answer even Midoriya who had recently came back after Siduri healed him and Recover Girl done with some check-ups

Momo sighed and said " It true that Gil has never been defeated, whether it is a chess match, fight, or any sports match or even his studies he always got a perfect score although he doesn't learn anything above his grade and heck, he wins in games which require luck"

" So you mean Gil NEVER EVER been defeated?, " Kirishima asked

Everyone was dumbfounded

" Never," Momo said

No one could think of a person in their life who had never been defeated in anything

" START!!!!" Midnight announced

As soon as Midnight said this Todoroki send a narrow wave of ice toward

In return, Gil send an E - rank spear in full speed which easily broke the ice but did not reach Todoroki

" Oh, I see you did make some improvement, " Gil said with an amused smile while his hands were in the pockets

" I did work a little on my ice density," Todoroki said, and indeed Todoroki worked really hard on Make take the barrage of weapons from Gil

" Well Let's play then," Gil said soon many Golden Space ripple started to form behind Gil and we're around 30-40

Soon he sends a barrage of E-rank Noble Phantasms

Todoroki soon tries to keep up with the onslaught

Things go well for a few send the thing in the beginning but soon he was overwhelmed by the sheer amount and many cuts started to appear on his body like on his hands, legs, and torso

He trying hard and leave out some Noble phantasms to pass through which are not aimed at his vital points

" You see Todoroki I don't even need to change the grade of my Noble Phantasms to push you into the corner," Gil said in a mocking tone

Todoroki tries best to look for an opening but could not come out of his defensive position

" Alright, You want to remain delusional than I should help you with that" Gil said and soon Todoroki was clever with a large dome of Golden space ripples and from which many Swords, Spears, and Halberd we're coming out

Seeing this Todoroki covers himself small dome of ice which was even thicker and durable than his current one

Soon Many all the weapons were fired at the same time and collided with ice doom at the same time which created a big shock wave and create a dust cloud which rises quite high in the sky

The entire audience was they had seen Todoroki dominate his matches easily and Now he was being dominated by his opponent

" I almost forgot that he has a long-distance range quirk, not close combat quirk after seeing his previous match," A person said to the person by his side

" Even I had the same thought" He replied

While Endeavour who standing in the stadium was greeting his teeth

Soon dust cleared Where Todoroki was standing covered in blood and it was clear he has overused his right side

Before Todoroki could think of his next course of action chains shot up from the space ripples which were formed on the ground and some were right above Todoroki and chained him and pushed him on his knees

Gil closer the excess gates and spoke to Todoroki who was panting hard " Did you remember when I told you that you are a hypocrite remember that?"

Todoroki nodded

" Alright first tell me why don't you use your left side," Gil asked

" Isn't it obvious I will never use the power given me by that man" Todoroki screamed

" What lovely son he even dedicated the entire half of his body to his father " Gil said

" What do you mean?" Todoroki asked

" You don't use your left because of your hatred toward your father NOT because of your LOVE for Mother," Gil said while emphasizing on few words

" T-that's not t-true," Todoroki said while stuttering

" If that's not true then let me ask when did the last time you visited your mother, " Gil said anger

Todoroki lowered his head

" So now let me tell you hypocritical mongrel, your damn father visited your mother every time he was free although he did not meet her since she is still scared of him and did bring your mother favorite flowers every time he visited her, " Gil said

Todoroki shocked by this information as he started at Gil with his eyes wide open

" Your father cares more about his wife more than you cared about your mother, " Gil said

" That's not true," Todoroki said with tears in his eyes started to flow

" If that's not true then why don't you fight with me with everything YOU got, became a hero that your Mother wanted to be, " Gil said and chains around started to disappear

Soon Todoroki started to blaze by his left and " I also wanted to be a hero "

" Then you King his here," Gil said with his arms wide open

" SHOTO!!!!!!" Endeavor screamed at stadium stairs

And soon he started to walk down and started to rant about creepy desire

But Todoroki paid him no heed and sent a blazing wall of fire toward Gil to which Gil did nothing let himself engulfed in fire

Everyone was surprised at his actions except a few

Soon when the fire was cleared Gil was unharmed but his Gym Uniform was burned and was replaced by his armor's lower half and his torso was left bare while Golden discs Floated around his shoulder ( Go for comments)

A sword with a purple gem at the tip of its handgrip was in hand which was Durandal

Soon Gil tilted his hand and gave a charming grin

At this site of Gilgamesh, many girls started to blush or had a nose bleed, and Midnight suit to dampen a little at that place


While in the VIP office

" These bitches" Angelica said as she greeted her teeth but her eyes were on Gilgamesh

As Nezu turned to look toward Angelica and said in a panic " Lady Angelica you are bleeding from your nose"


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