104 Prophecy


Looking up at the sky, filled with a sea of stars, there the lone moon stood amidst them, radiating a soft glow. Not able to sleep, Harper walked around the garden of the Queen's fortress, as his mind swarmed with negative thoughts. Taking in a deep breath of the cool breeze, helped him calm down but the worry in his heart only continued to grow.

Hearing about what went down at the Castle, Harper grew extremely worried for his children's safety. Not being able to leave the fortress, Harper could only hope and wish that they are safe.

As he continued to wander, his steps were halted by a woman's voice.

"Can't sleep?" The voice asked. The voice was elegant and almost cold, but there was a hint of tiredness in it as well.

Turing his head to the owner of the voice, there Harper saw the Queen, standing elegantly at the edge of the garden that overlooks the horizon. Under the soft glow of the full moon, the queen looked almost at peace and serene; a stark contrast to what people made her out to be, a tyrant.

"Your highness" Harper greeted in a stoic manner.

Letting out a soft but sad chuckle, the queen returned her gaze to the beautiful horizon.

"You know you don't have to act, when it's just the two of us." The Queen said

"It just became a habit, sorry for that" Harper apologized, as he let out a tired sigh. "You know, I'm getting tired of acting all of the time. It's getting more and more hard to distinguish the façade and reality. And that's coming from me who lived for a very long time now." Harper said in soft protest. "Now, I can't even see if my children are okay, because I'm supposed to be your prisoner." Harper continued as he let out another sigh.

"You won't have to act for much longer" The Queen said, making Harper glace at her with curiosity.

"I got another dream" The Queen calmly said.

"Wait, 'another dream' as in the prophecy?" Harper asked in surprise.

"Well, I wouldn't say it's another dream. More like the continuation." The Queen replied

"So, how did it go?" Harper asked in deep anticipation.

"Couldn't wait, I see?" The Queen said with a teasing smirk, prompting Harper to roll his eyes at her, but let out a small chuckle nonetheless.

"The dream started like how it would always do." The Queen began, "I was always walking, wandering into the wilderness, until I encounter a house by a hill. A huge fissure divided the house into two, while the house is surrounded by a forest of cut down trees. Moving along, amidst the deforestation, there stood a single lone tree, vibrant and very much alive. Under that tree, lived four creatures. An energetic Sylph, representing the element of wind; A blazing Salamander, representing fire; A muscular Gnome, representing earth; And a beautiful Undine, representing water. Usually, the dream would always stop there."

"Okay, so we pretty much understood everything from that part. The house on the hill is the Gifted race, being divided. The forest of cut down trees represents the thousands of lives lost, the consequence of the division. The tree lone tree represents, well, me. Since, I'm the only surviving Guro and the tree is our Gift's symbol. You know, I still don't really understand why all those old geezers chose me to be the only remaining one to live! I just don't understand, why they would all practically committed suicide by exiling themselves."

"You know that they did it for the sake of the prophecy. If they didn't make a fabricated story of me being a tyrant, the rebels and the power hungries won't make a move and start the rebellion. If people like them are left alone, then rebuilding the Gifted race would be as good as impossible." The Queen remarked

"I know!" Harper once again with a sigh. "Going back, the four creatures represents Jonathan. The only gifted who can bend them to his will."

"Correct" The Queen replied

"So, what happened next?"

"A gravel road appeared behind the tree. As I walked along the seemingly endless road, I finally saw my destination. A magnificent grand castle, made with white marble. Entering it's gates, a multitude of human sized, faceless white statues filled the courtyard. I honestly felt a little disturbed gazing through the many faceless statues, but then I saw one statue with a face on it. A woman's face, beautiful and full of vigor. I stopped at that particular statue as the face reminded me of someone, but couldn't remember whose. As I began studying the face even more, it suddenly and finally hit me whose face it belonged to. Jonathan's wife."

"Arisa?!" Harper said, full of shock

"Yes, her!" The Queen confirmed

"But what does she have to do with this? She's not even a Gifted" Harper said in confusion.

"I agree with your confusion. And honestly right now, I'm still scratching my head as to what's her role in all of this. Granted that she's been involved with us Gifteds for a very long time, but for her to appear in the prophecy? I believe she has a bigger role to play." The Queen said in deep contemplation.

"Oh my Lord" Harper said almost breathlessly, not knowing what to think next.

"That particular statue wasn't the only one with a face. In fact there were three more." The Queen continued, "Unlike Arisa, the next three faces belonged to three young people, approximately in their teens. Two belonged to two beautiful young women, while the last one belonged to a handsome young man."

"Do they look familiar to you?" Harper asked

"Not at all" The Queen answered, to which Harper only nodded.

"As I passed through the courtyard and began taking the steps towards the main entrance of the castle, the two grand doors opened as if to welcome me. Entering, I was bewildered when I took a step inside of a wooden cabin, instead of the grand halls of a castle."

"So the interior of the castle was completely different from what's seen on the exterior?" Harper asked in contemplation, making sure he heard the Queen correctly.

"Correct." The Queen replied calmly, "In contrast to the castle's hard and intimidating exterior, it's inside is as warm and cozy home. The cabin house was filled with many strange but beautiful things. There were various weapons hanging on the walls. A diamond statue, hugging a skateboard. Different kinds of precious stones were decorated everywhere. A fox mask and a wolf head hanged on the wall. I could go on and on, but what really drawed me, was the little figurine of an angel placed on top of the fire place. The angel is made out pure and immaculate porcelain, but above it's head is a halo, blazing with golden flames. At the foot of the figurine is a simple necklace with two rings, and near beside it is a beautiful crown made out of ice. Placed atop of the small coffee table is an antique tea set, while hanging on the coat rack is a generals coat and cap."

"And those aren't everything yet, correct?" Harper confirmed

"Correct! What I mentioned were only the few things that immediately caught my attention." The Queen answered.

"I have to be honest, this is more bazar and vague than the first part of the prophecy. It took us about three years just to figure out the first part of the prophecy. With the great amount of information given, I can't even imagine how long it will take for us to decipher this part." Harper said with a frown.

"It doesn't matter how long it will take, as long as the prophecy comes to fruition. For the sake of our kind." The Queen said with a resolved tone in her voice.

"You're right." Harper agreed as he let out a sigh. "So, is there anything else, regarding the prophecy?"

"No. The dream became blurry when it moved to the next part, just like what happened with the first part of the prophecy." The Queen answered.

Under the starry night sky, The Queen and Harper became silent as their minds began thinking of things that could be connected to the newly revealed part of the prophecy. As the gentle and cool night breeze blew, only about minute passed, Harper already let out a tired sigh.

"We won't get to anywhere, if we just stand here and try to understand the prophecy. I mean, just thinking about all the possible meanings and symbolism in your dream, it's already making my head hurt." Harper said

"I agree. This is a matter of patience." The Queen replied

"Speaking of which. Don't you think it's time that we share the meaning of the first part of the prophecy to a select and trusted few? Like, maybe you can start with Adam" Harper said, gazing at the Queen with a knowing look on his face. "If you do, you won't have to keep up the act around him anymore. You know better than anybody else how deep your feelings are for him."

"I-" As the Queen was about to speak, a voice spoke from behind them.

"Your highness?"

Turning around, The Queen and Harper saw Adam. Zenayda's right hand and most trusted subject. When the pair laid eyes on Adam, it really didn't come off as a surprise for the both of them.

"How much have you heard?" The Queen asked softly, unlike the usual cold tone that she uses when speaking to him.

"You're highness, I didn't-"

"You don't have to lie to me" The Queen said, when Adam started denying her claims.

"I- I heard everything, your highness" Adam then admitted.

"Good, because I think it's about time that you hear about the entire truth" The Queen said

"You're highness you don't have to explain everything to me. It is only natural for her highness to keep secrets for herself. And as your loyal servant, I completely understand that. My undying faith towards you will never waver." Adam started reasoning out.

"Wow, he's a keeper" Harper said, giving Zenayda an impressed look, making The Queen laugh.

"When have I never agreed with you" The Queen said as she shook her head good naturedly.

"Have a good night Guro" The Queen said as he started walking towards Adam.

"Have a good night yourself, you're highness" Harper replied with a pleasant tone his voice.

As the night went by, Harper was left alone at the edge of the garden; with mind filled with the Prophecy and its many possible meanings. At the same time, back in her chambers with Adam, Zenayda was finally able to reveal everything to her most trusted comrade. Not only was she able to finally free herself of the burden of constantly acting around Adam, Zenayda was also finally able to reveal her true feelings towards the loyal man that unrelentingly served her through out the years.

It was safe to say that at the end of the night. One was left restless under the night sky, constantly plagued with many thoughts; while the other is genuinely, finally able to sleep comfortably with man that she loves.

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