Genshin Impact: Icy Path

A Genshin Impact fan dies and finds himself over the fantasy world of Teyvat. However, funny adventures, riches and fame were no waiting for him, instead, a cruel reality and a curse is what lay in front of him, forcing him to use all his means to protect his new loved ones, even if means falling to deepest abysm. ---- I thought about this story months ago before the actual start of the 2.0 version, finally having some time now to write it. So there would be some changes from it (For example the lost of Raiden Shogun's gnosis). Also, the story would start at the Snezhnaya, so I would invent most of it as it lacks concrete information. ---- To support me p*treon.com/picaco for chapter in advance.

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Big Event?

"Why do you think so?" Allen asked.

"As I said before, this Abyss element would react with your body or soul. As none of you have anything to do with Khaenri'ah, it's most probably reacted with your soul" Alice deducted "And knowing that your soul came from another world... Your only relationship with who called themselves Sinner would be if they had summoned you. With their power, it could really be possible to join with the world's will to do it."

"If that was the case, what was that pain?" Allen touched his heart, remembering that burst sensation.

"That would most probably be your soul block" Alice explained "That Sinner's existence might weaken it, causing your soul to awaken." Alice made a worried face "You should avoid it at all costs, you have already seen the effects. You are far from ready to break the block, if it breaks, you will most probably die."

"So I need to become strong enough to resist it" Allen deducted 'Another reason to become stronger.'

"Yes. That Sinner is clearly related to the Abyss, so better avoid it for now."

"Hg!" Fischl moaned, showing that she was about to wake up "Where are we?"

"Everything has ended, dear" Alice smiled at Fischl "You saved us there."

"Of course, the power of this Prinzessin knows no bounds!" Fischl hummed proudly.

"You have completed my commission with a flying note" Alice smiled "Thanks for your hard work, both of you. Thanks to it, the islands are mostly purified."

"Next summer, let's have some beach time here!" Alice beamed "Oh? Please, don't say anything to my daughter Klee, I want it to be a surprise."

"Ok" Allen nodded 'Would this become like the Midsummer Island Adventure? With Klee and the Dodoking. It seems that it will become earlier this time.'

"Take this as your reward" Alice threw Allen a red ball with an animal face drawn in it "It's a Dodocommunication. With it, you can call me one time. I'll help you with whatever you ask while not too risky. That's your reward, one of my favors."

Fischl looked strangely at the ball.

"I'm quite strong and influential. A favor of mine is not a low price." Alice declared.

'She is right. Having a possible help of someone like Alice is priceless' Allen turned over Alice "Thanks"

"Do not worry. You can return now to Mondstadt. I'm sure that someone would be worried." Alice said showing the way towards the same teleport that they used to come.

"I forgot to tell my parents!" Fischl broke completely her act as she made a worried face and run towards the teleport "Come, Oz!" Oz followed her and both disappeared within.

"Quite the vivacious girl" Alice laughed "I'll need to present her to Klee, I'm sure that it will be funny."

"You won't return, Alice?" Allen asked seeing that Alice did not show any sign of moving.

"I'll need to spend some time here making sure that everything is alright."

"About my secret...?" Allen asked seriously.

"Do not worry. It will be our little secret" Alice put her index finger on her lips playfully "Oh! And one more thing" Alice turned completely serious "In the near future, there will be a big event. I do not know what would be, but it's strong enough to affect the Destiny of everyone."

"It has something directly to do with me?" Allen asked seriously.

"I can't see your Destiny, so who knows..." Alice shrugged her shoulders "It's not something that can be stopped anyway. But!" Her eyes shined brightly "Your existence is accelerating the event. Making it happen earlier. Don't ask me why."

"I'll take it into account" Allen turned over the teleport 'What could it be?' "Bye" Allen entered, returning to Mondstadt.

"Now, let's see. Let's see♪" Alice purred turning around the islands "A game of ball will be quite funny!"


"What caused thee to deviate from thy path for such a lengthy duration?" inquired Fischl as Allen materialized from the teleportation device. Her tone was curious yet slightly accusatory, as if she expected a valid reason for his delay.

"I was talking about something with Alice, nothing important." Allen answered "Sorry to keep my princess waiting" Allen bowed "Where is Oz? I don't see it around."

"I commanded him, to inform my royal family about our endeavors. This Prinzessin cannot keep them in the shadows of ignorance." Fischl stated making one of her poses.

"Allen" Fischl said with a serious tone "These days we had a grand adventure. It has its difficulties, but it was exciting." Fischl played with her hands shyly "I know that I can be sometimes difficult. Thanks for being there with me" Fischl smiled brightly, showing a so pure smile that contrasted perfectly with the moon over the sky.

'She is truly beautiful like this' Allen was mesmerized for a second "It's my honor" Allen put his hand over his heart, gaining a playful smile from Fischl.

"Undoubtedly, this is merely the beginning! Our destiny shall transcend beyond the celestial spheres!" declared Fischl in her theatrical tone. "Until tomorrow!" she exclaimed hastily, scurrying back to her home and concealing the slight flush on her face.

"It truly has been interesting" Allen sighed as he looked over the full moon 'What would it be that big event that will affect everything?'


At the profundities of the world, in a place full of darkness where sunlight never dares to touch, suddenly, an enigmatic black orb materialized into existence, emanating a soft blue glow from within. Within its depths, countless radiant elements sparkled like distant stars.

*CR* The air itself seemed to quiver and tremble as cracking sounds echoed through the surroundings. More orbs emerged, growing larger and eventually coalescing into a single massive sphere, measuring over 2 meters in diameter.

*Pa!* A young man surged from the orb, falling to his knees over the ground with an exhausted expression.

The young man had braided blond hair and wore a dark brown breastplate vest with gold and black accents baring his midriff and adorned with a diamond ornament, a white scarf clamped with a gold clip, and a white two-tailed cape lined with golden embroidery and a single golden guard with a fleur-de-lis pattern over his left shoulder and a hakama-like pants, dark brown gloves and black boots with kneecap guards accented with gold.

As the young man appeared, the orb behind him dispersed. The young man touched his own body, making sure that everything was fine and showing a relieved face before turning serious. Finally, the young man stood up, looking at his surroundings "I've returned!"