Game of thrones: A new lion

If someone was born as the first child of Tywin Lannister. The story does not follow the script and becomes AU.

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16. Conspiracies

Tywin Lannister POV.

Tywin Lannister was on his way towards the Queen's chamber. He had been performing his duty as the Hand for 12 years now. It was a much-coveted position, many of the Lords and Ladies envied him often forgetting the sacrifice and diligence it carried. Fools the lot of them. Yet this foolery also helped him. Discontent in the court was rising. The Westernlands were rising fast and quick. They all suspected him to be using the Hands power to help his lands prosper. This had helped him in keeping his son out of the lime light. For all his son's brilliant business mind, he was comparatively naïve in politics and workings of the court. Which was one of the reasons, he was making his way to the Queen's palace. He knocked at the door. One of the maids opened it and he entered the room to see the Queen sitting at a table.

If you asked him who was the most beautiful lady in Westeros, he would have said Joanna instantly, yet for all the others the answer would not be that simple. Queen Rhaella was a beauty in her own right, her silver hair and brilliant purple eyes were a sight to behold in her youth. Age and intrigues of the court had taken a toll on her, yet still she was the beautiful and probably the most beautiful lady alive in Westeros.

"My Queen, you called for me." He said, speaking in his most respectful voice.

She smiled at him, a smile that was reserved for the few close friends she had, "Now don't be so formal Tywin, have we forgotten our friendship. Sit it is nothing serious."

He sat, there were a couple of Targaryen guards at the door. Most of them were spies. So, this conversation would probably reach Aerys's ear.

"How is Casterly Rock, well with the way the Westernlands are progressing. There must be a lot of work to be settled, how do you handle all that?"

Where was this going. She was a queen for a reason. What did she need? What did she want? He had to guess and understand. This was how the court worked, everything was hidden every word, every intention protected from the whispers by the shimmering veil of lies and small talk. She wanted something from him and as a friend he would try and help so he led the conversation where she wanted.

"It Is well. The work is taken care of by Kevan. He sends me a report every two moons. I just have to look at it."

"Ah, yes Kevan. He was always so dutiful. It must be good having someone to watch your back. How are the kids these days.?

The way she had said some words, showed me where this was going. She had a message for me.

"They are fine.Tyland is coming to the capital in a couple of weeks."

"Ah, yes Tyland. I have heard he has a brilliant mind. He should probably meet Rhaegar. I will send him a message; he should be away from the capital. He mostly finds the capital hectic."

I somewhat narrowed my eyes, yet I had gotten the gist of the message. She could have sent a written message yet with the new Eunuch at court things had been a little more troublesome.

We made some small talk and I excused myself out. The gist had been, that the capital was unsafe. I knew why she had not told Aerys. His recent mood had been worrying. Aerys was not the sanest of us all, but lately he had become downright cruel and paranoid. The eunuch had also not helped, he was as much a mystery as his whisperers. Things were turning, the winds rising and conspiracies brewing and he had to be vigilant for a lion has to be on the lookout, for he is king and there are always hyenas after the crown.

From now begins my story. There are going to be elements from the canon, but this is gonna be a massive AU.

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