1 Cultivation Omega

"You- just how are you not satisfied after killing so many players," A man shouted in anger as he watched the person in front of him slice his friend in half.

The person who had just finished killing a player turned around and stared at the man who was laying on the ground with his limbs cut off.

"Hoh, you're still alive? My mistake, I should have ended you earlier so that you could log out quickly," The person smiled wickedly as he sliced the man's head off.

After killing every player in the surrounding areas, the person calmly looked up at the sky where a system announcement was broadcast.

<Congratulation to Player Jiang Ming for killing 100 million players>

<As a reward for being the first player ever to accomplish the player killing mission, Player Jiang Ming shall gain an advantage over any other player in Cultivation Omega>

"Haha, for this mission, I have played for 5 years with barely any rest for this day to come," Jiang Ming laughed loudly as he couldn't wait for the unknown reward that he was about to receive.

He had suffered multiple criticisms from the forum by players that were angry at him for killing indiscriminately.

Whether they were innocent or not, women or men, as long as they were players in Cultivation Omega.

Jiang Ming would show no mercy as he slaughtered them and forced them to log out as they needed to wait for the timer to cooldown for revival.

"Hmm, the reward will be given to me in another 3 hours huh," Jiang Ming mumbled softly as he clicked on the system interface that showed a timer for the reward.

Meanwhile, the real world is currently embroiled in chaos and anger, filled with people that are playing the virtual reality cultivation game, Cultivation Omega.

"This Player Jiang Ming needs to die for heaven's sake," A player in the forum commented in anger as he was one of the newer players that got killed by Jiang Ming.

"I know right. I had been eating instant noodles for months just to purchase Cultivation Omega and to think the first thing I saw when I logged into the game was a sword slicing my head off. I got a negative balance now because I didn't have any spirit stones nor gold to pay for the revival price," Another player in the forum complained.

Afterward, he posted a screenshot to verify his claim to show that he wasn't lying or anything.

The forum with the title, 'Ban Player Jiang Ming' has become a hot discussion among Cultivation Omega players, with even media outlets talking about Player Jiang Ming.

However, no matter how much the players raged and vowed to find Player Jiang Ming's real identity, they could only gnash their teeth in anger.

After all, the game developer was still a mystery to the world and no one knows who created Cultivation Omega that had become sensational in changing the world's structure.

Since the players couldn't hack Cultivation Omega nor had contact with the game developer, they could only resign in defeat in hopes of finding Player Jiang Ming's real identity.

Sometime later, inside Cultivation Omega, Jiang Ming became bored when no other players were logging back in for him to waste time.

"Hmph, these cowardly players must be cursing at me in the forum again. Do they even understand the pain a gamer must go through to reach my level?" Jiang Ming sneered as he decided to stroll around the city.

Alas, even the NPC's were afraid of Jiang Ming as they quickly hid in their house and the guards seemed to have vanished from sight as well.

"Look, it's that monster, Jiang Ming. Why is he entering the city again?" An NPC that was sneaking a glance in his window mumbled softly in confusion.

The other NPCs were thinking the same thing as they wished Jiang Ming would leave their city alone already.

Jiang Ming twitched his brows when he heard their speeches despite them speaking in a low tone due to his high cultivation base.

"Tch, these NPC can know fear as well? Aren't you all just a bot, programmed by an unknown game developer?" Jiang Ming scoffed as he decided to log off for the day.

"LOG OUT!" Jiang Ming shouted.

Afterward, Jiang Ming's vision blurred for a few moments before seeing the dark screen in his virtual helmet.

Jiang Ming took off his virtual helmet and stood up from the bed as he looked at himself in the mirror.

His chubby stomach was jiggling as he walked over to the mirror and glanced at his height, which is less than 121 centimeters.

"Why couldn't my game character in Cultivation Omega be real?" Jiang Ming sighed as he slowly walked toward his table which is at the far end of the left corner in his room.

It took some difficulty for him to walk over to the desk because of the extreme mess in his room that was filled with instant noodles, chips, sodas, and leftover food that cockroaches seemed to be crawling over.

Who would have thought that the greatest player in Cultivation Omega would be this short and chubby boy with an unsightly appearance?

Jiang Ming didn't bother with his appearance at all since he was a gamer and an introvert in the real world. No one would even look at him once in the eyes with gentle care so why should he care about himself either.

Being a diabetic and having the risk of heart failure at any moment has made Jiang Ming give up his life in the real world already.

It was only in Cultivation Omega did he truly feel alive and free from the judgment of others.

Jiang Ming grabbed his phone at the desk and clicked on the messages.

Afterward, he started laughing when it didn't come as a surprise that the message came from his parents, begging for money.

"You didn't even treat me as your son until you needed money from me." Jiang Ming scoffed at the messages as he continued to shout his frustration.

"Those brothers and sisters of mine can also rot in hell when I earned more money than them through Cultivation Omega," Jiang Ming then slammed his phone down onto the desk.

Afterward, Jiang Ming climbed back to his bed and placed his virtual helmet on as he decided to wait for the reward in-game rather than in the real world.

While Jiang Ming was initializing the log-in, the system notification suddenly appeared, something that has never happened before.

<Warning! Player Jiang Ming's heart is failing at a rapid rate>

<The reward for killing 100 million players shall be activated now to save Player Jiang Ming>

That was the last word Jiang Ming heard before his vision turned completely dark.


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