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Galactic Saga


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What is Galactic Saga

Read Galactic Saga novel written by the author AggGkatsos on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering scifi, military, politics, reicarnation, spacetravel. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


'The great orion war. A flame is ignited, and the war begins. The war is remembered even to this day, it spread its ashes over and throughout our galaxy and it ceases not. The great Orion war, was not like other wars before it, in the sense that weapons of mass destruction were not allowed, there were rules to be followed, and everyone knew they needed to abide by them, even the council of 12 or the federation of light or even the Orion empire who presided over the 12 could not dare to break the sanctity of the rules, aimed to protect our galaxy from being destroyed. Greed and power struggles can be alluring and can force those low of ethics to commit atrocities, but as I said that war was nothing like any other before, in the end it became a war of ideology, a war aimed to change the reality of both the victor and the looser. And it did. The Orion war unfortunately had no winner, except for me. Yes, I was the sole victor among the millions that died or were lost never to be found again. Even to this day you can see it. Who else has this amount of power, this amount of knowledge? I won my glory, I won the world.' The Orion man turned around to face the horizon and continued to speak abstractly. 'By the end of my story, you will know why you were unable to save them. You would know why our fate is stagnant and unmoving. By the end, all your questions shall be answered. Does this sound like a fair deal?" ---------- Tera was just another Earth soldier. Moving from planet to planet serving his homeland. When he arrived at Nevul he thought this mission was just going to be another typical one, where only his life will be on the line. But when things turn sour, his whole world comes under attack. What can a mere soldier do when faced with intergalactic secrets beyond his comprehension?


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Have been reading a fair number of sci-fi books, and thought that would try this novel. Totally unfamiliar with the author's work. Just couldn't stop reading it. Felt the plot was unpredictable , the characters -their views and their speech - were all credible. Just can't fault this novel, and look forward to reading more books by AggGatsos.


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