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  • altalt

    The Quest Amongst The Stars

    Join us in an out of this world space adventure with Lia and her friends Mayera, Aayan, Rihan, Xi Xenon as they travel through space and time to find the ' Omega Key Cells ' . Encountering the ' Sterling Crystal ' and the super natural abilities that accompanied them after leads them to a secret space protection society on earth and the most prized moment of their lives ' meeting the real aliens ' . A bunch of aliens who landed on earth after learning that five ordinary human with extra ordinary personalities have discovered the Sterling Crystal by the grace of Omegiya were seeking their help so as to return the peace amongst all the universes. Armed with their super natural abilities they were given the responsibility to solve the greatest threat that lurks behind the dimensional equator. Why was the seven most powerful galaxies at a civil war??? What does Lia's past has to do with her powers ??? How was her change so important ??? And will she be able to look past the wrong doings to her and acknowledge the efforts of the person who has been on her side trying to support her

    Ayona_midnight · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
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