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Chapter 34 - Fooled by Stick. [+]

As Matt blocked a few punches, he felt the sudden small heartbeat, fast and young, belonging to a small boy.

His heart filled with the sudden realization that he had been duped by his mentor yet again, so he ran towards the container as two arrows launched at the boy.

*Clang* one arrow was blocked by the billy club as Matt expertly dealt with the ninja while also blocking the path of the arrow that was launched by Stick.

The second arrow expertly caught in his hands as Matt plunged it into the thigh of one of the ninjas,

Stick watched as a car left along with the black sky, Stick gave Matt a disappointed look as he also disappeared from view while Matt and Tom were left to deal with the Ninjas.

"Matt! Concentrate," Tom yelled as he smacked away a ninja who was going to plunge his knife into Matt.

Matt also knew that nothing could be done now, he only hoped that Stick wouldn't be able to catch up to the car as he fought with the ninjas.

After some time, the two Heroes could be seen huffing as the last of the ninjas finally fell.

Tom couldn't understand what was happening, these ninjas were very perverted with their ability to stand up no matter what as well as the fact that they didn't feel pain.

What was even more surprising was that he wasn't able to hold them down for more than a minute even with the body binding curse.

Looking at the ninjas who were struggling to stand up once again, Tom nodded at Matt as the two quickly fled the scene with the sounds of sirens coming from afar.


Matt furiously Banged his fist against the wall, while Tom calmly sat on the sofa looking at Matt who was worried about the kid.

Although Tom wasn't a cold-hearted freak, he was much calmer, he was also against killing innocents and would probably stop whoever did such things at all costs, but his feelings were more in check.

Plus he had a feeling that the kid was more than what he got credit for, he still remembers the weird dread he felt when he looked at the kid who exuded a weird feeling from his being.

He tried to remember the knowledge he had regarding Hand, a group of mortals who were crazy for power and immortality, he also remembered a certain bit about them being related to even HYDRA and serving some god or stuff.

'I need to get powerful fast, maybe level up the system, the Gp I earned today are really good,'

[Ding mission complete]

[Help a fellow vigilante]

[3000 GP earned]

Tom couldn't help but smile widely, he reckoned that he could earn a total of twenty thousand GP in one month, he was already halfway through.

Earning twenty thousand GP was one of the requirements to level up the system.

The other requirements were,

[System level up requirements]

[Earn 20000 GP

-Defeat a villain

-Befriend another Hero]

'Looks like I will have to take out the time to meet Peter,' Tom thought a step further as he now knew that the missions gave different level of rewards based on difficulty.

'I wonder what will happen if we three team up against an enemy, will it be a bigger reward than if I stop kingpin by myself.'


At this moment, the door opened and stick walked in, what followed was a fight that was more Personal than Tom thought.

"Leave my city!" Matt yelled as he turned away from Stick who was sprawled on the ground, although Tom wanted to make fun of him, he didn't do so as now was not the time.

"Stick left after saying a few words," Tom really wanted to beat up the old man for lying to them, as he felt like he had been used, he had been fooled.

"I am sorry Tom," Matt suddenly apologized. Surprising Tom who was standing in a corner.


"You got mixed in because of me, and a kid died," Matt said in frustration.

"It wasn't your fault Matt, we were both fooled by that guy,"

"I know but!" Matt clenched his teeth as he banged his head against the wall.

"Sigh, Matt, fate is never in our hands, no one knows what's going to happen the next time, what matters is that we learn from today's experience and never repeat it,"

"You are right…I guess that's why you are a professor,"

"Haha, I guess so, it takes a certain amount of calmness to deal with a bunch of hormonal teenagers," Tom laughed it off.

After making sure that Matt didn't need any medical attention, Tom finally left, though this time he left through the main door.


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