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Cilia gave it all to protect her sister and other women and their child from her so called friend but in the end, she was doomed to die in her friend and her fiancé hands and what worse, all the blame of the illegal experiment on pregnant woman came over her after her death while the real culprit continued to have a good life. A famous scientist was now a dead criminal with no one to pity her. Later after one month she was reincarnated in one of the child bodies with all her previous memories who was a test subject under her friend, Zina, who was crazy about creating children with amazing genes to rule the world. Fortunately, because her past self saved many pregnant women, she also saved her reincarnated self from Zina hands. Cilia was now Cynthia, the first successful experiment subject of Zina. Her appearance differed from normal person. Unique appearance and an IQ that left her previous IQ far behind. And also, a great physical strength. She was the perfect human, no… a puppet created by Lina, who was now her own boss. Her aim in this life was to defeat the crazy humans experimenting over innocent children even before their birth and let everyone know that Cilia, who died miserably and was wronged was not the real criminal. She wanted to get rid of the criminal tag from her previous life and later live a simple and peaceful life but things didn’t go her way. It started to go wrong when her dear big brother Jess disappeared suddenly and lustful eyes of her relatives started to aim for her parent’s business. It become hard to sit by and just care about her business as she has been doing while putting an introvert tag over herself. So, she got involved in her family business matter and there was another goal, that appeared before her – it was to find her brother. Trouble came knocking her always closed doors when a really rude, self-centred guy met her coincidently. He was similar to her as he has been experimented over which left a big flaw over his body and disabled him from having physical contact with any person. But that egoistic man started to cling on her when he found her touch comfortable and later it began with him forcing a kiss on her with a pretty boy look. It would have been good if not for that guy. She gained a lot of attention and a lot of haters mostly jealous woman. While trying to eliminate those thirsty people who were crazy over human body, Cynthia who was more like a robot with no emotions came to fell in love with a guy and they both got entangled in each other journey. Previously, she used to beg for others life and after dying she realized that begging won’t help. She needs to kill all the obstacles in her path and reach her goal. Can Cynthia still be able to achieve her aim when the crazy scientists will come to know that she is their first successful experiment with no flaw?                                  


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