1 Prologue

Everything is black, I can't feel anything.

Like I was stuck in space floating endlessly, then i remembered my last memories. I was burnt out after writing my group's research papers, turns out my groupmates somehow never made one before, so instead of explaining it to them. I just made the whole damn thing on my own. I was never good at explanations, I was pretty shy and I had tons of experience writing one during my previous years as a student.

My father always said "You should never show any weakness, if you don't know what you're doing then find out how to do it."

It seems like when I was driving back home, I got into a car accident. I don't remember much but since I can't recall any suffering, death must have been swift.

It's odd, here I am thinking about my death as if it was natural, I don't feel anything at all about the news that my life was cut short. But then the images of my father came up, how he would be grieving right now. The son he raised alone for years died before he even finished his studies. That was when my non existent heart ached. I wanted to cry, i haven't repayed him yet. All those sleepless nights, all those jobs he worked overtime at to help me pay for school. I haven't even returned a fraction of those yet. However i couldn't, I didn't have an eye to cry from.

Or so i thought, "Waaaaaaaah!" a baby's cry resounded in my ears.

"Well done enduring Lucielle! It's a healthy boy." a voice said near me, however it didn't even register in my mind as the grief that I felt now had a physical outlet I can vent it out on.

"Hmmmm, I think... yeah, Maelriel. That's a good name"

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