2 1: CEO At Heart

An alarm could be heard through the penthouse, I rolled over to see the numbers flashing at me. I gently press the button on top of the device. Sitting up and stretching as I made my way towards the walk-in shower. The hot water flowing the jets, seemed to rejuvenate my cells. Stepping out I stood before the mirror. I wiped away the steam to be greeted by an incredibly attractive face. Naturally honeyed skin, sharp strong lines, full lips, stranded wet black hair fell across my grey eyes. I smirked and a flash of perfect white teeth greeted me. Impressive muscles gilded under my skin as I proceeded to brush my teeth.

As I stared at my reflection I couldn't help but think how sexy I am. Admiring my beauty, I finally came to rest back on my smoldering grey eyes, but instead, I was looking into ruby red eyes that were dusted in gold. I could have sworn that the colors were moving like a typhoon. Not believing that what I saw, I rubbed my eyes and blinked ferociously. Only to see my grey eyes once again. I shook my head and laughed it off, returning to my daily routine. I proceeded towards my walk-in closet. Assorted tex's lined the wall on my left while linen and silk clothing, lined the right side. Straight ahead on the furthest wall sat an abundance of designer shoes.

Smack in the middle was a counter that held many different accessories. After dressing myself I looked in the mirror, smiled, and made my way to the private elevator. Reaching my underground garage my bodyguard greeted me with a bow. "Morning sir." I rolled my eyes at his commitment. "Yes yes, I have an important meeting today after hours so I'll need you to be ready when I leave the office." He bowed once again after a firm "I understand sir." My mind kept on drifting, the eye coloring I had seen in the mirror an *I was good-looking before with those eyes, mmm I could only imagine how irresponsible I would be.* I let the thought go as I made my way to the coffee shop housed in my garage, I got a cup of coffee and headed towards my car. Hoping into my 67 Impala I speed through downtown towards the biggest building that read Han Sungjin incorporated. I built the company from the ground up. Literal blood, sweat, and tears went into making this company, I'm not the CEO for nothing. *I'm good-looking, smart, rich, and young who wouldn't want to be me?* Getting out of my car I threw my keys to the bus-boy who simply caught them and bowed as I walked by. My day went as smooth as it usually does, girls fawning over me men wishing they were me and everyone including myself working their ass off. I've been here got here at 4 this morning and the clock almost as if mockingly ticking read 2 am. " Damn it's already a new day." A sigh left my lips as I began to scroll through the security cameras throughout the building wanting to see who else was here. There was no one but the security guards and me left, "should I just sleep here again or go home?" While sitting there completing what I should do, I felt a harsh cold breeze whiz past me. I checked the thermostat and it hadn't been touched, it was the same temperature as it has been all day. I then began to check the windows but everything was intact. I blinked out of confusion, only to open my eyes to a cellar to some degree. I could see some kind of scribbles all over the floor, walls, and ceiling. torches mounting the wall gave off an eerily cold feeling despite the flames burning bright lighting the room. A window sat high in the farthest wall from the entrance, where I could see moonlight pouring through it. I heard voices coming from behind me. I spun around as my heart began to beat faster than it had before. 'Why the hell am I so scared? I must have fell asleep, I don't know why my brain created all this. Oh I know its probably just a wet dream. I didn't know I was into this kind of thing but hey what can you do?' I began to walk around the room only it had only made me realize that this wasn't a dream. everything was way to vivid. Bushing my hands against the walls I could feel the smooth stone. I could smell the dirt in the room, I could feel the cool air against my skin. Just making sure I even pinched myself multiple times. It only confirmed that this was all real, which caused me to panic.

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