71 Calm After the Storm

Hua Zhixuan was waiting in the main chamber when Yan Zheyun finally returned. The third watch had sounded by now but Yan Zheyun frowned upon seeing him bundled up in blankets and coughing his lungs out in the permeating chill. As Yan Zheyun was favoured, the departments knew better than to undercut his residence on resources, so the underfloor heating was burning and there was a generous amount of coal to be fed into the braziers. 

But this wouldn't be enough to prevent Hua Zhixuan from dying of pneumonia if he insisted on neglecting his health like this. 

"Go back in at once," Yan Zheyun ordered with a scowl. As this was his home, the door eunuchs didn't need to announce his arrival, and no one within had been anticipating the suddenness of his appearance. As such, Hua Zhixuan started and nearly toppled off the seat he was perched precariously on, eyes drooping from exhaustion. Shuangxi caught him before turning and dropping into a low bow. 

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