Frieren: The Dark Mage's Diary

In a dark world full of demons and magic, Damian ventures fearfully. With a book as his only ally to master magic, he is dragged into an endless war against the forces of evil. The presence of death and a blood moon in the sky heightens the sense of loneliness and danger. Damian will face an uncertain fate, not knowing if he will survive to see the end of the battle. Will Damian make it to the end of the journey?

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102 Chs

A Mage Never Surrenders Without a Fight

A strong magical power emerged from the surroundings, like a stream spreading throughout the area. At that moment, cracks emerged on the ground as electric lightning spread out like a barrier around Damian, causing the swords directed at him to disappear from the impacts.


The ground was filled with an intense blue color, making the entire north able to see what was happening on this battlefield and causing everyone to pay attention at the same time.

A human mage would never surrender to a demon; even in death, it is preferable to die fighting than to surrender to these demons, who are obligated to exterminate from the face of the earth.

"I won't be able to move now with a cut on my leg." Damian looked at that wound, extended his hand, and burned the cut to prevent it from bleeding more quickly.

But as time passed, his mana was running out. He didn't understand who he was facing, but it was obvious that he was a few steps below the Demon King, so Damian didn't feel uneasy at all.

Even in this battle, with his little combat experience, he had killed incredibly powerful mages. There was no reason at all to be ashamed of his current body condition.

"I'm just fighting for what they can't do." Damian remembered his words of not calling himself a hero and held onto them, but now that he had been on this battlefield for months, he realized that the front needed powerful mages.

Watching as the sky filled with powerful spells, a glimmer shone in Damian's eyes before he extended his hand. Immediately, thunder-filled clouds came from all directions and gathered in the sky above him. After which, a rumbling sound echoed through the skies moments before a lightning dragon spanning tens of hundreds of meters pierced through the clouds. Finally, Damian rose from the ground, and this western-style dragon began to surround him.

The electric arcs shimmered as the lightning dragon began to surround him. A moment later, a huge thunder arc appeared in Damian's hand.

"First, I'll take care of the one creating the illusions." With a cold expression on his face, Damian looked at Schlacht, who was in the sky. Then he used his hands to aim the bow at him until the mana was so capable of parting the sky. In an instant, the deep blue light merged with the dragon, compressing it so much that it formed an arrow that didn't look like a dragon.

Kraka! Boom!

Part of Damian's clothes had disappeared, revealing the horrible wounds on his body that credited the bloody battle he was going through with these demons, who had been seeking his life since they arrived.

Looking at his target, the lightning on the arrow lit up with an intense blue, showing signs of instability in Damian's hands.

In the sky, Schlacht's pupils dilated when he saw Damian's actions. The mockery in his eyes was very evident; all the wisdom he had acquired with the knowledge of the future and all the timelines he had memorized so far flew over his mind. "Incredible to have mastered the Indra's bow, the famous and ancient god-killing spell that disappeared in ancient times... That bow-shaped spell is extremely powerful. However, in your hands, that concentrated power is unstable, so regardless of the outcome, you won't kill me."

"I'm not trying to kill you." A faint smile appeared on Damian's face when he heard this. Inhaling a deep breath of air, the next moment, a chaotic light shone in his hands.

The uncontrollable lightning struck the ground, creating large trenches on the ground; the sky roared loudly, and the air mercilessly whipped around, raising large gusts of dirt. The devastating power in Damian's hands began to diminish. After which, this arrow became more subtle as time dared to pass.

A faint black color appeared on Damian's face. After which, Schlacht smiled upon seeing that his conjectures were true. However, his smile lacked emotion, making it cruel.

But Damian, knowing that he was losing control, released the arrow, which was hooked to Indra's bow. Instantly? His eyes became extremely sharp under that devastating attack.


That long arrow turned into a monstrous dragon, formed by pure lightning. Meanwhile, in the sky, Schlacht's pupils shrank at that moment.

That lightning dragon disappeared the instant it was fired. The next moment, Schlacht summoned his demonic armor that emerged from his body, covered in a black glow. As the demonic aura grew larger and larger, it looked like evil filled the surroundings.

For those who were far away, it was a visual spectacle. Suddenly, the space behind Schlacht seemed to become heavy before those lightning bolts reached him. However, before even his armor was summoned, that attack had reached him.


Schlacht's body was violently sent backward with force. After which, it penetrated his body and came out through his back. Finally, without a clear fall, he disappeared with that burst of light.

The lightning flooded the sky, making everyone mistakenly believe it was the end of the world.

Those demons who remained fighting against the Divine General paled at seeing their leader sent flying. Many black figures disappeared and reappeared in front of Schlacht; a dark barrier formed in front of them, trying to prevent him from dying.

This spell was known as one that killed gods. Immediately upon receiving a few impacts, everyone felt suffocated and spat blood.

Everyone was surprised and moved aside to avoid that electric arrow that continued forward without stopping.

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