Fractured Void: Twin Stars Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Fractured Void: Twin Stars


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The world called Spirit Star is a massive planet with one hundred lesser planets and ten suns orbiting around it. The void fractured and from it came twin spiraling shooting stars, leaving behind a blazing trail as everything in their path disintegrated. The world seemed calm as the stars fell on one of the outer planets. Not everyone had witnessed the stars' descent, but those who did never forgot the scene as it was far too beautiful to forget. Many elderly people who saw it thought it signified the arrival of better days in the future. A better destiny. Little did they know that their childish beliefs would soon come true. What this multicolored trail showed them was merely 'a tip of an iceberg', as humans would say. However, not even an hour passed and the nearby space suddenly froze. Nobody was able to move, regardless of how strong they were. In the next moment, six shadows tore open the skies above the Spirit Star, causing even the ten massive stars to dim. Heavenly Thunder raged across the worlds, shooting towards the shadows from a hundred different planets, but it was powerless against the shadows. How could mortal thunder wish to injure Gods?! Three Dragons and Three Phoenixes resounded as the world trembled and the universe shook. The Gods had descended upon this world!!! What change awaits this small planet aspiring to become a galaxy? Will the Gods be its aid or demise? Let us welcome the beings from the other side of the void! Let us witness the Era of Gods!


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