Former Interstellar Mercenary In Urban Cultivation World

Amalia, the Former Interstellar Mercenary died on mission. She was transmigrated into Urban Cultivation World and become the "sacrifice" of the Rodriguez family. On her way of revenge, she meet a strange man who asked her about "White Rabbit". She though that would be the last time she meet him but never did she know that destiny would bring them together in unexpected way! This was the story how Amalia rise from just small "sacrifice" in the Urban Cultivation World into a Bigshoot of the Three Realms!

Peerless_CucumberX · Fantasy
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655 Chs

Looking For Bernando Houssay (Part 3)

Within tens of thousands of meters of Fruit City, after countless city defenses, the nearby vegetation had long been cleared.

It's leaving a bald landscape with only occasional stubborn patches of grass emerging from the soil.

Before leaving the city, they had asked the direction of the Heavenly Path University team go and knew they were heading to the east.

However, they didn't catch up with them.

Amalia's goal was different from the school's.

With Kenny Lin leading the way, she didn't feel like a novice who didn't know her way around.

"Let's go here first," Amalia said, while holding the map with one hand and pointing to the nearest red circle, which was in the northeast direction.

Along the way, they could also look for Blue Skin Trees.

"Alright," Kenny Lin who has been to that direction before, had no objections.