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Forever Love


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Maybe the past matters in its own way, but right now I just want to cherish you. Grace, after some painful incident from her past, came out to be a strong, wise yet a little emotionless. She got her career in line at a young age and had a powerful personality but still always felt like something was missing. Her encounter with Nate wasn't a pleasant one, but the spark from that time didn't leave her. Was it really okay for her to feel this way? Isn't love at first sight a hoax? Can a love story really go this well? Mika, a cheerful girl, always by Grace's side finds someone who's able to get her out of her fear from the past. But will she really be able to handle it? What if her fear from her past haunts her again? Keep reading this heartwarming love story that'll fill up your soul, to find out ;) ~~The cover doesn't belong to me but to the rightful owner! I don't own the copyright on the cover~~


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