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Forever Evolving: King Of Monsters


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Austra was an unfortunate youth. Since birth, he had been afflicted with an incurable body condition which caused his whole body to be in constant pain, and there was no simple medical way of easing it. Yet, despite all the pain, he continued living on, refusing to be strapped down and imprisoned in a hospital bed and enjoying whatever he could of his life before it was too late. One day, right after seeing 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters', a movie that him and his younger brother quite enjoyed, they met with the mother of bad luck as the mall, which they were currently at, was raided by terrorists. Most people managed to escape, but still, there was a significant amount of people who got caught and where being used as hostages. Unfortunately, Austra and his brother were one of them. After a series of tense moments with the terrorists and the police, Austra dies trying to save his brother. Now, after waking up from a strange dream that he barely remembers, where he was talking to someone whose appearance is fleeing his mind, he finds himself surrounded by darkness and rock walls, he tries to move around but quickly stumbles over his own steps. "What! What!? What happened? My body is different. Definitely not human. Humans don't have tails!" And as he struggled, he remembered everything, from the happenings just before him dying, to the strange dream. "Wait, I'm Godzilla?" Follow him as he struggles to figure out where is he, and what to do now as he adapts to his new body. Attention: I don't claim to own Godzilla's rights, it's rights are owned by Legendary and Toho. I also don't claim to own this cover art, this art his was supposedly made by a deviant art user named BaBoomArt. I don't claim ownership over some characters and places in this novel as they are already existing characters and places from already existing franchises. This novel was made under the cover of fair use so don't hurt me please (luckily for me, this isn't youtube). And lastly, it's my first novel, so bear with me. Oh wait! there's one more thing, it's the last one I swear. Don't hope for consistent updates, because I'm lazy, far too lazy. My laziness is so great that it dictates everything I do, and I have to wait until the laziness brings me back into the story, I can't come with my own free will you see? So updates will come when they come.