1 The Mother Of All Bad Luck

Enjoying a well deserved rest, was a youth, lying down on a comfortable patch of grass. Laid down and leaning against a tree, the youth's lower body was being bathed in warm sunlight, while the rest was protected from the sun by the tree's shade. The wind was blowing softly, bringing along with it, a refreshing change of air which helped the youth cool down and enjoy the fresh air filled with the aroma of the nature around him.

"Oi! Austra!"

From afar, running along a trail that lead near the youth's resting place, came a figure shouting a name. At a certain point, the figure came out of the trail and continued running in the youth's direction. Upon closer inspection, the figure seemed to be a man in his late teens, and was wearing a track suit and seemed to be constantly running while sweating profusely and panting heavily.

"Austra!" The man called out yet again in a tone that reeked of annoyance as he got close to the resting youth. This caused the youth's eyes to open slightly and look at the man in front.




"Could you ..... not run off on your own!? What if something happened to you!? I am here to watch over you! Don't forget about that!"


Raged the man as he struggled to finish all that he had to say in one breath, before continuing to gasp for air. This however, brought no reaction nor answer from the youth, who after listening, continued on with his rest as if nothing had happened. The behaviour of the youth evoked great anger deep inside the man's heart, an anger that he chose not to let show outwardly, instead, he decided to repress it before snorting at the youth and sitting beside him to recover faster.


"Could you also be more careful about how you look? You a bit revealing"

The youth was wearing light clothing, some white sneakers, some light blue shorts, a blue T-shirt and a blue and white light jacket hung to the back like a cape. Though, the sweat made the clothes stick to his body and become messy, it also made the youth's dark blue long hair become somewhat lustrous and shine whenever sunbeams hit it, which also gave the youth a look with a bit more allure, though mostly shameful. But alas, this also didn't spark much reaction from the youth.

About ten minutes of silence had passed before a ring sounded near them.

It was the youth's phone. He had received a message coming from his little brother.

『Hi Austra, how are you? Are you ready to leave? Remember, today we're going to the movies! I'm home waiting, but if you don't want to go today, we can go another time. See you later』

Reading through this message brought a small smile to the youth's face.

'Hahaha. Oh this little brother of mine. I can't seem to go against him now can I? Well it's best to go now, I don't want to keep him waiting, plus, I'm as excited as him.'

Standing up from his resting place, Austra stretched his whole body until every bone that could crack, cracked, before beginning to walk away.

"Heey! Where are you going!? Don't just leave without saying anything! You hear me!? Wait for me!"

Hearing the tantrum happening behind him, the youth stopped, looked back and waited. It was only after the man caught up, that the youth continued his walk and he responded to the man for the first time.

"I'm going home"


"Alrighty then, we're all prepared aren't we!?"

An enthusiastic voice sounded out in the surroundings. The owner of this voice was a little youth with about 14 years, he was Lem, the younger brother of Austra. And near him, five people were listening.

"Aye Aye! All ready here!" The first person, Vesta, Lem's friend from school, responded with an equal amount of enthusiasm.

"Yes, I'm good to go" The second person to answer was Khan, a friend of Austra's.

"Let's just get going" The third was Klaus, the person watching over Austra, who replied in an inpatient manner.

"I'm expecting much from this movie" The fourth person was Bestra, Twin brother of Vesta.

"I'm ready!" And last one to answer, was Austra, who answered in an eagerly fashion.

"Good! But big brother, are you sure that you're feeling well?" Lem asked with obvious concern.

Seeing the worry on his little brother's face, Austra gave out a bright smile as he patted his head and said. "I'm alright, I already had my daily exercise so I feel much better, thanks for worrying about me, but don't worry about me too much, I feel well, if I don't feel good I'll say it."

"Good! Now then, let's go!" Replied Lem with a reassured face and giving out even more enthusiasm than before.

As they began walking, Kahn began speaking. "But still Austra, I have to say this.. " He paused his words with a heavy tone and a serious attitude. The others waited for him to continue since it seemed like he was going to say something important.

They were slightly astonished with Kahn's seriousness though, as he was know to be a major goofball, but, they did know something good about him other than him being someone who would make you have a good laugh.

And it was that, despite being a goofball, Kahn, was probably the most attentive person in the group, so if he was being this serious, then maybe, there should be something wrong.

"... you are beginning to look more and more like a woman, and not just any type of woman, no, you look like a beautiful woman, one with the body of a young super model! So be careful not to get picked up by other men hahaha!"


A loud clap sounded out almost immediately after he finished talking. Austra, had swiftly smacked the back of Khan's head with the full might of his right palm.

"Ouch! That hurt!"

"Quiet you, you had it coming"

*Sob Sob

"But it's true though" Khan replied while masterfully faking tears. He was so good at it that he was often advised to go to the acting career, though, he never did.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group were watching from the sides, and were trying their best not to laugh.

"Humph, just you guys wait, one day, with effort and determination, I'll get a big buff male body!"

Hearing this, Kahn prostrated himself on the ground and hugged Austra while facing the sun and exclaimed. "Nooooo! Please God! Don't take him away from us! He's great as he his!"

Hearing this, Austra didn't want to bother himself any longer with this, so he continued walking away, completely disregarding Kahn who was holding on to him.

"No! Wait, don't leave me! I'll do better next time, please give me another chance!" Kahn begged to the fleeing Austra while standing on his knees.

This scene, however, from the perspective of an unaware third party, looked like the scene of a woman dumping her boyfriend in public, the types one normally sees in a T.V. drama.

Which made various unknowing passersby look at the two with many different emotions, varying from envy to understanding and from glee to pity. Nothing of this mattered to Austra though, as he continued walking away.

"Wait! Don't actually leave me hanging! Wait for me!" Exclaimed Kahn as he ran to catch up.


Soon, the group reached the mall.

It was grand and round, covered in black glass, it was built to resemble a pine tree of sorts, because it was half surrounded by a natural park. It looked beautiful since it melded well with it's surroundings, at night, the lights of the mall would shine a myriad of colors but mostly blue light onto the various glass plated mermaid statues near it's entrance, making it seem like the area illuminated was a mermaid sanctuary. This mall had two entrances at ground level, one located in the West and one in the East. It also had one underground entrance located near an underground parking lot.

Here, in this mall, was one of the best and only movie facilities in the town, and most importantly, it was the closest facility to them, so they naturally headed here.

As soon as they entered, they became distracted by various new things and began window shopping. They didn't have to worry about purchasing tickets since they had already pre-ordered them, so they took their time and explored the mall, searching for new things while they waited for the time to go.

"Uwaaa, people are looking at you"

"Ignore them"

After a long wait, it was finally time.

They came in a bit early to buy popcorn and other necessary snacks before excitingly walking into the movies.

Finally, after such a long wait the movie that all monster lovers have been waiting for, was here.

A movie that is up there in the rankings of 2019's most anticipated films alongside Avengers: Endgame, Detective Pikachu, Spiderman: Far From Home and more. The hype, that had culminated from the beginning of first trailer and soared to great heights with the last, had brought all these monster lovers here. And now, finally, after a series of trailers and commercial ads, came the movie everyone was waiting for.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters







"Do you remember when King Gidohra tanked Godzilla's breath like it was nothing!?"

"Ha!? What do you mean by 'tanked it like it was nothing'? Didn't you see him getting blown back? Sure it didn't do much, but he didn't tank it with that much ease!"

Talks about the movie sprouted out from the surroundings. Most of them, quite enthusiastic and satisfied. Fortunately, everyone in the group had enjoyed the movie and they even began making comments of their own.

"That part when Godzilla was dropped from the sky was pretty savage! He looked like a giant meteor. And he didn't even die!"

"Well, he is Godzilla after all, he once tanked a shot from a meteor so it doesn't surprise me much that he could survive, though, he became stuck because of it"

"But at least he didn't die!"

"Yes yes!"

"Also, Godzilla's burning form looked great! It really made him look even more like a dragon!"

"Yes, it was great to see a modern burning godzilla, but to be specific, that wasn't Burning Godzilla but a variant form!"

"... Oook, but still! I would love to see more monsters in the monsterverse, maybe Space Godzilla?"

"I would also like to see more monsters, but Space Godzilla? I think that that's stretching it a bit"

"What? Why?"

"I mean, how would you explain it? It's a Godzilla that was born out of a Godzilla cell that went to space for whatever reason, got swallowed up by a black hole, mutated and evolved to be able to use the power of some space crystals and turned evil. He can fly, levitate, as telekinesis and uses crystals as weapons. How would you fit that in there?"

"Oh, I see your point, but then..."

".... then what about Mechagodzilla?"

"It also wouldn't work, humans in the movie didn't seem to have that great of a technology, so they probably wouldn't be able to build a Mechagodzilla, maybe it would work if there was some masterful genius hiding away with all of his knowledge and skills, one that dedicated all of life and resources to create a Godzilla of his own, or, if aliens intervened and created a Godzilla of their own, to kill the already existing one, like in the first movie, but I doubt that"

"Ok! Godzilla nerd! No monsters for you then!"

"That are actually plenty of monsters that would fit in the monsterverse"

"Shut up nerd!"

"Calm down both of you, the movie was great and that is all that matters!"

Walking out of the movie theater, the group began walking away and searching for somewhere to eat as they were they were entertaining themselves by listening to the bickering between the muscle headed girl, Vesta, and the computer headed boy, Bestra, the twins and, the cloud headed wonder boy, Lem who was trying his hardest to stop the two from fighting.

Somewhere during the middle of their search Kahn approached the silently smiling Austra and asked.

"So what's up Austra? What are you thinking about?"

"Kahn? Oh it's nothing, I was just listening to those two arguing and thought, how would other Godzillas fare in the same situation as this one?"

"Oooh! That's a pretty interesting thought you have there"

Despite being heavily involved in an intense argument, the smart Bestra was still attentive enough to still listen to conversations nearby, and was intuitive enough to know to use Austra's words as an escape ticket to flee from his sister. This made Vesta pout as she was suddenly discarded and ignored.

"So? What do you think? How would others fare?"

Bestra asked Austra as he didn't want to be the one speaking due to the fear of being dragged into another and possibly longer argument.

"Well, I can't say much about the old Godzilla movies, since I didn't watch them, but I can tell you about those that I know"

"All ears are on you brother, so go ahead!"

Lem, knowing that this was a good opportunity to drop off the argument, hurriedly added his permission so that the topic could move forward.

"Well, then I think that 1998 Godzilla would die, Legendary 2014 would struggle a bit then die, Shin depends, if he was left enough time, then I think that he would win, I can't speak much about Earth since I have never seen the anime but I hear that he is pretty strong so maybe he would win"

"Yes! I agree with all of your points, though I don't think that Shin Godzilla would be given a chance to evolve. Also, you've seen Godzilla 1998? How was it? Did you enjoy it?"

At this series of questions, Austra revealed a confused expression as he answered.

"I've seen it, and I enjoyed it. Though, I didn't know that it was a Godzilla movie when I watched it"

"Hm? When you watched it, you didn't know that it was it? Please explain"

"Well, think of it as something like this."

"A long time ago, when I was a kid, I saw a movie about a dinosaur terrorising a city, I quite enjoyed it even though I didn't know much about it, not even the name. Years later, as I was watching a youtube video that just so happened to have mentioned Godzilla 1998, bits and pieces of the movie started playing in the video and it was then that I realized what the movie I saw was"

"Hahaha! It was so different from other regular Godzillas, that you couldn't even recognize it as one when watching the movie! That's you hilarious! It's no wonder that there was an outrage over it's appearance"

"Well, that just goes to show how much they bastardized his design"

"Yes, though, it was a good movie in general, it wasn't a good Godzilla movie for obvious reasons. Maybe if they had named it something else, it wouldn't have been so heavily criticized"

As they were talking, they had finally arrived at the dining area up on the upper floors of the mall. Since the movie theater and the dining area were on the same floor, they didn't have to walk around too much, the only reason that they took so long was because of their slow pace.

When they arrived, the group found that the place was stacked, there was a huge crowd of people moving about, searching for a place to eat, so, they had to plan carefully about where to eat.

The dining area was huge, or at least looked like so, but in truth, it wasn't that big. Since it was located in the upper floors of the pine tree shaped mall, although there was still a considerable amount of space, the amount of free space was significantly lower than the amount on the lower floors.

It also didn't help that there were large openings in areas around the middle of the floor, which were used to see shops on the lower floors and give better flow of air. Furthermore, the dining area barely encompassed a third of the floor and it was semi circular in shape, largely due to the openings in the middle.

Though this didn't come without it's benefits. There was a huge arrangement of restaurants in this area, which spanned from Chinese to Indian, from sushi to chicken nuggets, and many others. Since there were so many different restaurants grouped together, there were no major distinctions in service between restaurants in the same area. For example, lets say that Burger king has a free drinks policy, this means that should you dine in a restaurant in the same area as Burger King, you'd be able to enjoy it's free drinks.

In the beginning, there was a lot of problems with people abusing the system and drinking the free drinks while eating something from a completely different restaurant, that's why they created these areas, each with their own benefit.

For example, dining in the American area let's you have a free unlimited supply of drinks, dining in the eastern area let's you have a buffet where the amount that you pay depends on the weight of the plate, Kebabs let you have free meal cards if dine there often and so on.

With the establishment of these areas also came a lot of rules, but most of them can be summed up in the most important of the rules, which is "if you dine in one area, you stay in that area". For example, let's say that you go to eat at a greek restaurant, located in the European Area, and suddenly want a drink, you can't just go to the American Area to get drinks, if you do so there might be trouble. And that's why the group was contemplating for so long.

"So? Where are we eating? I'm starving!"

Vesta complained to the rest. They had been standing right outside of the dining area debating on where should they eat for quite a while. Since no decision was made, they had just been standing there, watching people go in and out.

After a long time, Kahn, one of the people who along with Austra, didn't care about where to eat, seemingly picked an area at random and strolled in, with the others following suit shortly after.

"Thanks Kahn! But why did you pick the Eastern Asia Area? Just curious"

"Oh that! It's easy! I just picked the one with more hot chicks!"


His answer turned the group stiff, but not because of the answer that he gave, as they were already acostumed to him, but because of the way that he gave it. Kahn had said it so loudly, that the group was sure that everyone in the vicinity had heard him. He had even said it in a proudfull manner too. Even his face looked proud as dozens of people, mainly women, looked at him, some merely looking but with eyes full of glee and proudness, others, filled with confusion or disdain.

After finding a spot big enough for all to fit in, the group began dining on whatever they saw

Austra ate mainly chinese dumplings with some other dishes to the side. It was Austra's first time eating these dumplings and he had always been curious if they were good. Luckily for him, with a bit of encouragement from the self proclaimed veteran dumpling eater, Vesta, he hesitantly took the first bite and then, was suddenly elated.

The dumplings tasted wonderfully, the dough was of the right thickness and viscosity, being neither too thin nor too thick, the pork fillings brought Austra a vast current of flavors as the rich sauce flowed into his mouth. Mixed with various types of vegetables, the filling brought out the best of both worlds while neither diminishing the meat's tender flavor nor the vegetable's soothing sweet one, in fact, they complemented each other so greatly that you could be aware of the two's presence, while at the same time, be confused about what the filling was. All in all, Austra loved dearly these dumplings as their warm and steamy selfs warmed up his belly as he continued eating more and more.

Everyone was eating in a delighted manner. All, very satisfied with their food. Vesta the veteran, accompanied Austra in eating dumplings. Kahn and Lem had visited a japanese restaurant and each respectively chose okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Austra had never tried either of them before, but judging from the pair's satisfied faces, he guessed that the dishes must be delicious. And Klaus, the never talking and grumpy watch dog, settled with some nice and simple sushi.

It wasn't rare for Astra to eat sushi, so he didn't think too much of it when he saw it, but still, it was sushi. One quick look and that was enough for Austra to begin considering about whether or not to buy sushi.

"So? Between Godzilla and King Kong, who do you think would win?"

Vesta suddenly spewed this question. And at this question, all stopped eating for a bit and began thinking about it. Who would win? Countless scenarios ran in the minds of the group as each began arriving at different conclusions.

'Who would win? Well if I had to pick one, then I guess that it would be Godzilla huh? I just can't see the tiny King Kong fighting against him on even ground. But to be honest, I also don't know much about King Kong, aside from watching his last two movies and barely remembering that old one, I don't remember much more about Kong. Maybe Bestra knows more abou....!!!'

Austra's trail of thoughts was suddenly interrupted, as an unwelcome feeling emerged from the depths of his body. Small drops of sweat started forming on his back and he started taking lightly deeper breaths to try to ease up this uneasiness.

'It's here! I was being very lucky with it not showing up for the last couple of days. But it's here now, though, I can't say that I'm happy for it's return '

Mentally sighing, Australia reminded himself that, even though he had previously said that he would warn if he suddenly didn't feel well, he shouldn't let anyone find out.

It was an important date after all.

Today, June 1st, was his little brother's birthday, but not only that, the twins had also turned 14 on May 30, so it there were basically three birthday boys with him on this trip. Also, later, there was a big party planned in their house, so Austra just couldn't bear to have the group worried about something he can deal on his own and ruining their outing.

So, with his resolve settled, he erased whatever sign or possible sign of pain from his body and continued eating as normal.

Luckily for him, though, he had long since grown accustomed to the pain. Throughout his various years of experience, Austra learned that the best way to fight off the pain, was to not fight it at all, and instead, let it flow uninterrupted.

He had long since grown accustomed to it, but since it came and went as it wished, in the beginning, it normally caught Austra off guard. And when it stayed, Austra normally managed to accustom himself to it so much that he was able to ignore it for most times. And hopefully for him, he would be able to do so today.

As he was having his own hidden inner battle, the conversation outside was still goin on, in fact, it was actually heating up.

"Huh!? What do you mean!? How can King Kong that small monkey, win against Godzilla!?"

"Lem, the Kong in Skull Island was just an child, it will eventually grow to be of sizes that match Godzilla ... Or, at least, big enough to not look just like how a chimp looks to us, to the eyes of Godzilla"

"Still! Godzilla has his Atomic Beam! So he can burn Kong to oblivion!"

"And King Kong can conduct electricity"

"What? What!? Since when was that a thing? He didn't have those in the movies"

"Yes, they didn't show it in these last two movies, but they showed it in the old King Kong vs Godzilla movie, which, by the way, ended in Kong's victory lizard fan"

"Lem Lem!" Vesta playfully neared to Lem as she said with a happy smile.

"You know? For once I agree with my unlikable brother. You shouldn't underestimate Kong just because he's small, he's also very smart! Probably smarter than Godzilla!" She said with a proud face.

"You know? For once, I agree with my peanut sized brained sister. King Kong his very smart, so if there was such a thing as a size gap, Kong would be careful and plan out his attack. But don't worry, that isn't to say that Godzilla isn't smart, in fact, he is very intelligent"

"Hey! Hey! Do you think that I didn't hear you!?"

"Godzilla is just as, or even more intelligent than King Kong, it's just that, compared Kong, it's not so apparent to the normal viewer. In past, when searching for answers for the exact same question, I often came across some, let's say, pretty dubious opinions"


Meanwhile, as Bestra was speaking. Vesta, was gnawing her teeth angrily, clearly upset at being ignored again by her brother. The only reason that she hadn't lunged at him in rage, was that she was being stopped by Lem.

"These dubious opinions stated that Kong is more intelligent than Godzilla just because Kong is smart enough to know how to use weapons like whole trees and boat propellers. But there's clearly something wrong here.

In Godzilla's defense, is Kong really smarter than Godzilla just because he know how to use tools? No! Kong knows how to use weapons other than his fists, yes, but that doesn't mean that Godzilla can't do the same with his intelligence, he just doesn't because he can't.

Kong manages to do it because he's a literal Giant ape, he's humanoid, he has long and strong arms that can pick up and swing whatever they managed to grab a hold of, but Godzilla? He is a 100m tall reptile with a really stout body and proportionally shorter arms compared to King Kong's build, if he wanted to use a hand weapon, he would have to bend down significantly just to pick something up, and even if he did manage to grasp something, his relatively short arms and body build wouldn't be able to make full use of it even if he tried his hardest.

But, let's also not give Kong credit when it's due. For him to be able to use tools and come up with various strategies means that Kong possesses a superior intelligence. Far superior than most animal's basic instinct. He also possesses something that Godzilla doesn't seem to have much of, and possibly the reason for the confusion, which is a greater array of emotions, making it possible for Kong to connect with the humans and gain their support. I wouldn't even be too surprised if someday, Kong somehow managed to talk.

But in short, you'll see a lot of these dubious and obviously bias opinions on the internet. So you don't really have to worry about it much. Just think of the two as being both smart in their own right"

Bestra finished his little big speech. Lem, who was listening to his friend speaking on behalf of Godzilla, finally sprouted a wry but also gradually brightning smile on his face as he rose from his seat.

"You know? Bestra? Sometimes I wonder if either you are an adult trapped in a kid's body, or, if I'm just too much of a kid.

But, thanks for the explanation!"

"You're welcome, and don't worry, I'm a kid. Yes, definitely"

"See! The more you try to confirm it, the more it sounds like a lie!" Lem suddenly retorted as he began to walk away.

"Whatever, I'm gonna go buy something more to eat so I'll be right back"

"Lem wait for me! I'm going with you!" Vesta called out as she approached him followed by Bestra, and soon, the trio disappeared into the large crowd.

Left with only three people on the table, Austra and Kahn continued eating their meals and chatting about random things, while Kahn, would occasionally sneakly peek at groups of hot women sitting on nearby chairs and admire their looks while only retreating his line of sight when said women noticed something wrong and caught him peeking. Austra on the other hand, would find himself to be the target of the eyes of many, as men secretly scouted him to prob about wether he was single or not, and women wondered about who was this new competitor.

The men who were scouting Austra reached two different conclusions by observating various hints and signs given by Austra and company.

The first conclusion, assumed by amateur scouters, was that Austra was already with someone, as they deemed highly improbable that a young woman as pretty as Austra could remain single for long, it also didn't quite help their assessment that when Austra was happily chatting with a man on the table, another one would have a bad face.

The second conclusion, assumed by experienced scouters and confident playboys, was that Austra was in fact single. As the body languages between him and the group didn't quite seem to indicate that he had a loving relationship with one of the men present. He did seem to have a friendly relationship with them, a great one at that, but nothing more, which meant that they could have a chance.

Therefore, with the assessment made, some brave men sat up from their seats to go try to flirt with Austra, only to stop and look at each other to try to find out why the others had sat up.

It soon became obvious why had the others sat up since they were still looking at each other. So their situation quickly became a game of patience to see who would be able to go meet up with Austra without drawing too much attention. Though this didn't mean much to a man, a handsome black haired man, who rose from his seat and began walking towards Austra's table with a full display of confidence, without minding the looks other men gave to him.

This was all happening in the distance, opposite to Austra's line of sight, so he couldn't see what was going on as his back was turned towards them, but Kahn, who was sitting across from Australia, saw it all and was in fact entertaining himself with the men's unspoken game. So when he saw the pretty boy walking towards them from a distance he decided to act.

"So Austra, I have something to talk to you in private, let's go out for a bit"

"Hm? Sure, where do you want to go?" Austra asked in a slightly confused manner. Kahn's request had come from nowhere so he was just slightly surprised before he agreed to go.

"Good! Don't worry, we'll just walk around the shops near the big statue in the middle of the floor, and maybe go outside to catch some air, come, let's go!" Said Kahn as he rose from his seat, grabbed Austra's hand and pulled him out of his chair, before guiding him away, while leaving only Klaus on the table to guard it and wait for the rest, as he himself cursed them under his breath for leaving without bothering to say anything to him.

At the same time, seeing Austra and one of his friends leave, the pretty boy hurried his steps to try and catch up to them. But when he arrived at the place that he last saw them, they had already disappeared from sight.

And meanwhile.

After Austra and Kahn left for a walk.

Near all three of the mall entrances, which were bustling with people, many black vans began showing up, with groups of three vans in entrances above ground and a group of two vans underground.

And from within these vans, small groups of people began coming out.

Each wearrying some robust clothing, gloves, a sturdy looking helmet with a mask covering each person's face and what looked like a vest of sorts.

Each carrying one long case and a stuffed backpack.

As each one approached the entrance, security was quick to stop them on their tracks as it was generally prohibited to walk around in public with a disguised face and due to the fact that they looked suspicious.


As if they had all practiced this to perfection a long time ago.

They each clicked a button on the brief cases they were carrying, which snapped them open and caused a large machine gun to fly out, into each one's hands.

As soon as they had the guns in hands, the group began firing at the guards who were caught unprepared and fell on under their attack, with the color of their shirts changing from a darkish blue to a dark purple, before being overrun by a deep red.





From everywhere on the the ground floor, screams and screeches sounded out, with an intensity capable of deafening a person. People were rushing away to try and escape by using one of the other entrances while not knowing that the exact same scenario was playing in the other entrances.

But that didn't matter to the masked group, who continued walking forward as if nothing happened.

They occasionally shot people running away from them as they walked towards the center.

But, as if to congratulate the bravery of some, they showed no intention of shooting the small amounts of people that dared go through the entrances that each group came from.

This detail, was picked up by some of the panicked victims, that were still somewhat calm headed. They had deduced that they wouldn't get shoot if they didn't run away and, in a gamble, rushed to the entrance after seeing so many people manage to escape, which, also triggered many more to their luck and get away.

Though, the group of terrorists couldn't care less, and continued walking forward as this all was a part of the plan.

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