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Story of an ordinary person named 'Cole' playing the hero and dying in the process. But it's not all bad... There's some perks in death, especially dying a noble death such as what happened to him, which begins his journey into becoming something more than ordinary. ______________________________________________ Going to try to release a chapter every 1-3 days. I will make it my future goal to release at least one a day. ______________________________________________ Hi, I'm Kryo, a literal beginner in story writing. Heck, I got a "D" in my English class haha. But I digress. After reading the different "fanfics", I have become inspired to write one of my own. And I'm not sure how it'll go. So buckel up and hold on for what I consider to be the ultimate Fanfic of the century! At least that what it seem like in my head lol. Will take place in different fictional universes such as the MCU, Resident Evil, Naruto, Injustice: God among us, Fallout, Skyrim, Against the Gods, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more. Oh so much more. Well I better start reviewing more source materials. Lol I got a lot of homework to do. Oh, and I'm totally writing, or typing if you will, with the new feature on the app lol. I know I'm going to disappoint some of you with the slow release but I can promise you that if I ever drop this novel(Most likely I won't) or take a break from writing that I will give a notice at the end of the most recent chapter. WARNING: some things I'm planning to write maybe offensive to some people. So sorry. ______________________________________________ Disclaimer: I don't own any of the works featured in this novel.

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Don't know why I doing this but I guess I'll shamelessly rate my own novel. By the way, why the hell is there a minimum limit of 140 characters for posting reviews? It's annoying thinking of thing to write just so I can post this.


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