Fate; Unlasting
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Fate; Unlasting


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What is Fate; Unlasting

Fate; Unlasting is a popular web novel written by the author DonDenis, covering FANTASY, TIMELOOP, DARK, MYSTERY, TRAGEDY, TIMETRAVEL, SUPERPOWERS, WAR, ACTIONTHRILLER, MAGICALREALISM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 39.1K readers with an average rating of 4.82/5 and 27 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 73 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Time is of the essence Magic runs supreme in this brutal fantasy world, and not all is straight forward. Follow the characters who are the heroes of their own story as they strive to fulfill their destiny... only, not all can. The fate of the six races are altered drastically in the aftermath of the great war that left many clans decimated, and the balance of power has now shifted to the humans. Underground schemes threaten to unveil a great evil, one the world won’t be able to take. You can only save so much in time! You can only control so much power!! You can only be so smart!!! The past and present will have to collaborate to ensure there will be a future at whatever cost necessary. ctto of the art @RaymondSwanland

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I like the way the scene was described as if I can see it clearly. It was so well written that I can't wait for more to be uploaded.. The story is full or mystery and magic. Good work author


I like how descriptive the story is. You could literally see what the author was trying to say. In the first chapter for instance, I really liked the tension build up and the events that played afterwards - it was very magical - and I liked how it was written by the author. But like the synopsis said, it is a brutal world. It's sad. I really liked how the author conveyed the character's emotions as well. It has a good story line - pretty unique for me. But again, it's a brutal world to live in - and that's what the story's setting is, and i say the author has written a compelling storyline with this setting. The only other thing that I'd like to mention is the sentence structure. I just noticed a couple that the author can fix, but that did not affect the story negatively at all. Other than that, overall, the story is engaging and is a good read! Great job!


wonderful read! the scenes are vividly described with details. some minor edits with run-on sentences. the paragraphs could be broken down to two as per my preference but all in all a great read! makes you wonder why the baby's really important 🤔


Some of the scenes were well describe, I love the construct of the story. So far so good! Definitely gonna add this to my library to finish this! Keep up the good work!


Reveal spoiler


Exciting stuff. Good attention to detail with the scene setting. I've always had a soft spot for gritty fantasy settings, haha. I'll add this to my library for now, hope to see more.


The epilogues are the crucial foundation to this book. The way the author tried to explain the world background is very detailed, and this has helped for the development of the further story. I can't seem to take my focus away from the book, the plot is too intriguing and the characters are awesome!!!! Great Work!!!


Reveal spoiler


I can't say anything except "wow". Yes, yes, I'm pretty much "wowed" by the whole world building and vivid descriptions. As I read more and more, it seemed like I'm suddenly immerse to the world itself. Full of mystery, magic, a kind of fantasy read that won't let you down. Except for the lengthy paragraphs, which can be divided for a more suitable read (esp for mobile user as I am 🙈), I can't find any EXCUSES TO NOT READ THIS wonderfully written story! Anyone shud have a peek on this one! Get the thrill, y'all! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I like the way you wrote it. The scenes are well described too, which gives a different vibe when you read it. I want to see more of the good work!


All three chapters (as of this writing) are strong! Intense! The author has good storytelling skills that I found myself so engrossed while reading. I visualize it inside my head. However, sometimes, there's difficulty in phrasing which sometimes affect readability. It needs further polishing. There's also a tendency for run-on sentences. I already personally like the way of writing, but it can be improved with editing. 🙂 I would suggest apps like grammarly and hemmingway (hemmingwayapp.com). The latter gives more help in the structure. All the best, author. Your novel is awesome. I like it a lot. Keep on writing.


Quite interesting story! I couldn't stop myself from add it to my library. The author has a good talent to describe everything. Give it a try and I am sure it won't disappoint anyone! Keep it up author!


There is mindless Gary Stu action fantasy on qidian. Then there are books like these which have actual world building, mystery, and overarching plot. The Protags of this novel isn't just doing what they do to get to a higher power level. They do things not for themselves, but for the ultimate good. I like it.


The description in the story is nice, it literally take you to the scene of action. You could feel the action and desperation of character. The story is suspend filled, definitely worth the read.


Great book! Well done author. I will keep in library and read all the updates. Please update soon and dont make me wait too long. Hehehehe. I had a great time reading this. If you're thinking of reading it, go ahead. You will not regret it at all.


The book is so interesting... The plot is amazing, the style of writing is kinda interesting too. Not to mention the very attractive title. I love everything about this book so far 😍


The novel quite good, and I will support the author who is working on this novel, I hope the author had a good day and for the people who are looking at the review hoping this novel is good, I recommend reading it guys it's super good of a novel.


I've read through the three chapters, and my fingers were itching to comment. It's just that I've changed into browser, cuz it was taking much time to load. Well, according to what I've read, the novel, poshh, such posh, a must read. I am now intrigued and curious who and what will the little baby will be as the story progresses!


Really descriptive with a lot of interesting dialogue. I like all the prologue chapters a lot, and the main story is great too! A unique plot as well. Overall, I would recommend it!


over all I really like the descriptions on the detailed events, I am looking forward for this fantasy world which makes up all the feeling and the appearance of the six races on the further chaps.


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